Path of Titans - In a land before our time … Background

Path of Titans - In a land before our time …

December 22, 2021
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Have you ever imagined roaming a jungle as a dinosaur? If so, now is the opportunity to do just that. Path of Titans is a sandbox MMO with a prehistoric setting, in which you'll take on the role of a dinosaur and move through a world long gone.

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Discover the life as a dinosaur

How do you imagine the life of a dinosaur? The whole day on the hunt for other dinosaurs to satisfy the hunting instinct, or a cozy get-together with your own “herd”? In any case, you can decide for yourself what your everyday life will look like. There are countless things to do:

  • Complete quests that encourage cooperation
  • Collect materials to build your nest
  • Pursue your hunting instincts
  • Swim, dive and fish
  • Search for rare plants and dinosaurs
  • Participate in dynamic world events
  • Unlock achievements to earn special rewards, skins and color patterns
  • And more …

Path of Titans (Early) Trailer

Mod support

The Path of Titans developers want to put a big focus on mod support and therefore give the modding community powerful modding tools to create their own content, upload it to servers and therefore make it available to other players.


Path of Titans was developed for both PC and mobile devices and is playable via crossplay. Currently, PC, Mac and mobile devices can play together. A conversion for consoles is currently underway.

More info about the game, and the possibility to buy it, can be found on the official website.

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