Pavlov VR - The shooter with long lasting success! Background

Pavlov VR - The shooter with long lasting success!

December 15, 2021
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Probably the best VR shooter is now launching on our GPORTAL game servers. The main focus of the game is on the realistic handling of weapons and both easily accessible and fast gameplay. Action guaranteed.

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An unparalleled experience through VR

Even if you’ve played countless shooters, playing a shooter in VR is a completely different experience. Instead of directing a character across a map, you ARE the character and you’re in the middle of it. Show off your reactions and aiming skills, take cover and reload your weapons. Immersion is key here and once you play this VR shooter, you’ll never want to play without VR again.

3 things that set Pavlov VR apart from other (VR) shooters:

  1. The title was developed with the idea of creating an authentic gameplay and weapon handling. Each weapon has to be manually reloaded with appropriate handles and attachments have to be placed correctly.
  2. The creative community provides the game with tons of content in the form of game modes and maps to play on.
  3. Instead of navigating through boring menus, as is usual in VR, Pavlov VR takes you directly into the action with just a few clicks. There is no unnecessary waiting, instead there are fast battles.

Pavlov VR Trailer

The all-round shooter package for VR

The game offers two classic modes, “Team Deathmatch” and “Search & Destroy”, which are well known to veterans of the genre. Variety is provided by a large number of maps, which were created by both the developers and the community. The package is completed by other modes like “TTT”, a “Zombie Mode” and many more. There is something for every shooter fan.

Simplified menu navigation

In VR games, you often have to go through several menus, and it takes forever until the fun finally starts. This is different in Pavlov VR. The developers at Vankrupt Games have greatly simplified the menu navigation to allow players to jump straight into the action without much delay.

Pavlov VR server at GPORTAL

Now you can get your Pavlov VR server from us, where you can compete with your friends and jump straight into the battle. Show your fellow players how well you move through virtual reality and master your arsenal of weapons. Take up the challenge and rent your own server now. Let the action begin.

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