Remnants - The Wasteland awaits you! Background

Remnants - The Wasteland awaits you!

March 5, 2021
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Remnants does not make it easy for the player to survive, for the harsh wasteland is marked by dangers. Food is scarce and the environment is radioactively contaminated. Hunger, thirst and radiation quickly take their toll on the human mind. And if the environment does not strike you down, other survivors will try. Are you the hunter or the hunted?

Survival Action RPG: Remnants

In Remnants, plucked chicken is preferably on the menu. To withstand the external dangers, you arm yourself for the coming battles by making your own weapons and armour. Build a safe house where you can rest and defend yourself. Explore the infested areas and gain experience to learn more skills.

Remnants Trailer

Alone or together against the rest

Up to 30 players can cavort on the GPORTAL servers. Alone or in a team, you explore this gloomy wasteland, rob each other of scarce food or defeat the infested creatures together. Will you face the challenges together or alone?

Remnants Server at GPORTAL

From now on we are happy to provide you with servers for Remnants. On them you will face all dangers together with your brave comrades-in-arms. Are you up for the challenge? Then rent your own server now.

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