Risk of Rain 2 - Non-stop Rogue-like-Action Background

Risk of Rain 2 - Non-stop Rogue-like-Action

April 1, 2022
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In August 2020, Risk of Rain 2 was released by developer Hopoo Games and took the rogue-like community by storm. The game offers fast-paced gameplay with no downtime, amazing classes, and tons of items to turn your character into an unstoppable fighting machine.

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In the middle of the action

In most games of the genre you go towards your opponents to fight them, but here the enemies follow you wherever you go. This ensures that you’ll have non-stop action and never get bored. Explore each map as you want, on your way to get stronger, find items and advance to the next map.


Endless replayability

Risk of Rain 2 offers an extremely high replayability, thanks to its very diverse classes, the many items, enemy types and maps.

Below we list the highlights for you:

  • More than 10 completely different character classes
  • 110+ items that strengthen you in different ways
  • Endless combinations of items
  • Over a dozen different biomes, each with their own unique aesthetic
  • Up to 4 players in co-op
  • Crazy but coherent enemy designs
  • Secrets to discover

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