RUST server now also for consoles Background

RUST server now also for consoles

November 30, 2023
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RUST has always been a survival hit and has well over 80,000 concurrent players daily on both PC and consoles and now finally we can offer you servers for the consoles as well as the PC servers. No matter where you want to play RUST, you can with GPORTAL servers.

The merciless fight for survival

For years, RUST has undoubtedly been one of the most popular survival games in the entire genre. This is demonstrated not least by the consistently high number of players. The game world that RUST has created seems to have a special appeal for many players.

We have been offering you our top server hardware on the PC for years, but now the Console Edition is finally becoming part of the RUST server family and we at GPORTAL are delighted to be able to offer you our servers for the Console Edition of the survival hit with immediate effect.

Up to 100 players on your server

To ensure that you can play together with all your friends or your community at any time, our servers offer space for up to 100 players. There really should be enough room for everyone and you can populate the entire game world.

With our top server hardware you are prepared for all obstacles.

Would you like more information?

You can find even more information and details about the RUST Console Edition servers in the official dev blog at the following link:

Get your RUST server for Playstation or Xbox now at GPORTAL

No matter which console you want to play RUST on with your friends, we have the right server for you. Top hardware, best performance and plenty of slots for you and all your friends.

Grab your GPORTAL RUST server today and start a new survival adventure.

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