Satisfactory 0.5 Update Background

Satisfactory 0.5 Update

October 28, 2021
4 minutes to read

Satisfactory has received a huge patch with the 0.5 update, which brings a lot of new and revised features and should therefore satisfy even veterans. We will show you the most important of them. In order to play the update, you have to switch to the Experimental Branch. In line with the update, we have reduced the minimum number of slots for our servers from 15 to 10 to make it easier for you to get started.

New, Newer, Satisfactory 0.5

Improved building functions

There are new convenience features that will make creating your facilities easier. The update introduces “Hard Clearance” and “Soft Clearance”. What does this mean? Quite simply, all machines with a fixed function, such as power poles, splitters and assemblers, have what is called “hard clearance”, which basically translates to the fact that 2 buildings of this type cannot overlap and each always needs its own space (so all as before). Conveyors or pipes, on the other hand, now have a “soft clearance” which allows you to build them through other objects.

Also, the quick selection has been improved, so you can now just press “E” quickly to switch through the structures. Then there’s the annoying placement of floors, walls, etc. …. Super annoying! But as of now, there is a cure. Time for some “Zoop” magic! Just switch to “Zoop” building mode and you can string together up to 10 pieces of the same part. This works for walls, platforms, stairs or even concrete walls, but not for production buildings.

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New cosmetic elements and the Customizer

With the update there is a whole set of new elements to make your factory even more beautiful. New window variants, walls, frames, small pillars, railings, stairs and much more. So if you thought you couldn’t get anything more out of your factory, better think again. Time for some optimization.

But that’s not all. The so-called Customizer also makes its way into Satisfactory and FINALLY allows you to quickly paint or redesign walls. You don’t have to choose every single component anymore. Forget the paint gun, you will never need it again. For all of these features, you’ll find a tab called “Customizer” at the top of the building menu. Time for a new paint job.

Vehicle extras

Automation, everyone loves it, but unfortunately vehicles sometimes don’t appreciate it. To change that, automated vehicles have taken a few driving lessons. As a first improvement, vehicles now try to overcome or avoid any obstacles or blockages if they have encountered them. If they still get completely stuck, then a “ghosting” feature activates and ideally gets them back on track. In addition, vehicles now “think” a bit further ahead when they drive along their waypoints. Depending on where the second next waypoint is, they can now take a shortcut to be even more efficient.

And of course the most important thing at the end: You can now paint your vehicles to your heart’s content, basically “Pimp my Ride” Satisfactory style.

An even more beautiful world

The world gleams in a new light, well, at least partially. Several areas have been given major and minor changes and are now even more beautiful to look at than before. The northern forests, for example, have received improved foliage, and sand deserts and some caves have also been touched. More cave variants are to follow in the future.

Dedicated Servers

They are finally here! How does it work? We explain it to you in simple steps:

  • If you rent a new Satisfactory server from us, then it is automatically a new dedicated server from Satisfactory

  • This also means that if you want to play on this server, you must have the Experimental Branch with the 5.0 Update installed

  • Then you can connect to the server with the Server Manager in the game (via IP:Port)

  • When you connect for the first time, you will be asked to create a server name, session name, savegame, etc. … 
    NOTE: We recommend to start a completely new savegame, because with the 0.5 update and an old save game you might face problems (incompatibility)

  • If you want to use an old save game, you first have to download it from the old server via FTP and save it in the following path

  • Now connect to the server and select “Load Savegame”.

So much more …

Of course, all these things are not everything that the update has to offer. There are tons of other improvements that would simply go beyond the limits of this article. However, we would like to at least list a few of them below:

  • You can apply symbols to floor tiles, e.g. to mark paths or to highlight danger zones
  • For all train drivers there are now train signals and general new comfort functions for trains
  • There are now signs, which can be placed in nature, on walls or buildings and can be freely designed by you
  • Unfortunately NO golf … 🙁
  • A huge amount of bug fixes
  • And many more …

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