Satisfactory - The competition for the best automation has begun! Background

Satisfactory - The competition for the best automation has begun!

August 20, 2021
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From now on we offer servers for the factory-building game Satisfactory. You can let off steam on an alien planet and build the most sophisticated automations. With the support of your friends, tinkering around is even more fun.

The starting point…

Upon landing, it’s immediately straight to work. The best resource locations have to be found so that the most effective production chains can be set up later. Here, a lot of planning and tinkering is required until even the smallest processes are perfectly automated.

Satisfactory Trailer

…and the goal

As an employee of the company FICSIT, it’s your task to industrialize the entire planet and use all the resources of this world as efficiently as possible. With automated factories and assembly lines you can then process the collected resources. The marathon has begun, who will build the best production chains?

Satisfactory Server at GPORTAL

From now on we are happy to provide you with servers for Satisfactory, where you will brave all hurdles together with your most loyal companions. Are you up for the challenge? Then rent your own server now.

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