SCUM - Welcome to "Hell's Kitchen" Background

SCUM - Welcome to "Hell's Kitchen"

May 12, 2023
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Developer Gamepires drops update 0.85 "Hell's Kitchen" for all SCUM players and it's huge. We introduce you to the most important changes. Attention: There is also important information for users of our servers.


Update 0.85 might be one of the biggest, if not the biggest update for SCUM ever. The developers have reworked a number of game systems, such as looting, hunting, and cooking.

When it comes to looting, spawning has been reworked so that the found loot makes more sense and generally makes the looting experience more enjoyable. It is also important to note that loot will NOT respawn on server restart. So it is no longer possible to camp a loot spawn.

Hunting should require significantly more skill after the rework. After hearing an animal, you must follow clues and sounds to eventually spot the animal. Then you have the opportunity to strike for a moment. But don't take too much time, the animals won't wait forever to be killed by you.


And then there is the cooking. This is probably where the most changes have been made. For example, you now need energy for your cooking area, either in the form of electricity or gas. Also, there are now refrigerators to store food and stop it from decaying. Of course, these also need to be supplied with energy and switched on.


Finally, so that you can start cooking, you'll find a number of cookbooks in the game world, each of which brings its own recipes. To cook a dish, you'll need a certain amount of mandatory ingredients. But there are still optional ingredients that will increase the nutritional value of your dish, making it more effective. To become a master chef, you'll surely have to practice a bit.

Mechs ahead!

Everyone loves some cool mechs, right? The developers thought so, too, and bring Mech 2.0 into the game, which demand respect just by looking at them. These mechanical enemies have a large arsenal of weaponry, such as a double machine gun, a grenade launcher and a few more surprises.

Fortunately, there are also new weapons for you to defend yourself against these evil fellows. The long-desired rocket launcher is finally here, and it comes in 3 different versions. Furthermore, there is now tear gas (which is hardly useful against machines) and a new pistol, the .22 Krueger. So do you dare to face a Mech 2.0?


Changes for Private Servers

An important change for all users of private servers is that from now on server settings have to be adjusted directly in the game itself. This is no longer done through our web interface on the GPORTAL website.

When you are on your server, just open the menu and you will see the "Server Settings" option. Note that some settings are marked with an (*) and require a restart before they become active.

Your SCUM Server at GPORTAL - quick and easy

You've read about all the changes, and those were far from all. Now it's time to try them out for yourself. Show your skills in hunting, cooking and fighting against the nasty new mechs! Get your SCUM server at GPORTAL, invite your friends and let's go!

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