TerraTech Worlds calls for your creativity Background

TerraTech Worlds calls for your creativity

March 22, 2024
one minute read

Developer Payload Studios is launching its creative building game TerraTech Worlds in Early Access on Steam, mixing the modular building system with a range of survival elements and combat.

Become your own engineer

TerraTech Worlds is like the Lego building set from your childhood, with which you put together crazy constructions or small devices that worked more or less well.

Now you can relive that moment from your childhood and show what kind of devices you can create. The modular construction system gives you the greatest possible scope for creativity.

Discover and shape a strange world

Among other things, you can expect the following at the Early Access launch:

  • A clever, modular building system with almost endless freedom to create your very own structures and vehicles
  • Discover a wide range of areas and regions
  • Terraform the terrain to your liking
  • Play together with your friends and capture the planet's resources
  • Fight off bandits and invaders who want your resources
  • And more ...

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Have you now got the desire to try your hand at designing a building or vehicle? Then grab your GPORTAL server for TerraTech Worlds and discover this strange world with all its interesting ideas.

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