The dinosaurs are hitting Valguero Background

The dinosaurs are hitting Valguero

June 21, 2019
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With the free DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved you can explore a huge map called "Valguero". 60 square kilometres with different biomes, a boss arena and underground caves are waiting for you. There's also a new dinosaur in the game, the Deinonychus.

“Valguero” has several biomes: a huge tundra, lush green areas and a vast savannah are just three of the biomes available. 
The new map is populated by well-known dinosaurs, but the agile Deinonychus also roams the woods and is exclusive on the map.

The Deinonychus attacks mainly intruders near his nest. So be watchful when you hear little dinosaurs screaming. The new Boss Arena also has a lot inside it. You’ll be competing against three powerful opponents.

The new Boss Arena and its dangers

In the Boss Arena, you’ll compete against a megaphiticus, a manticore and a dragon at the same time. Only the best of the best can win in the arena. Gather your Tribe and shoot the bosses on Valguero! The new map is now available on our ARK PC servers.

Owners of consoles have to wait about a month.

Valguero awaits you