The V Rising "Bloodfeast" event begins! Background

The V Rising "Bloodfeast" event begins!

October 24, 2022
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The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Perfect circumstances for the vampires of this world and in Vardoran. Appropriately, the "Bloodfeast" event begins in V Rising and bathes the game world in an eerie, orange glow.

Free “Haunted Nights Castle Pack” DLC

What does it take to have a proper Halloween celebration? That's right: pumpkins everywhere! That's why the developers are giving you a free DLC with a number of festive decorations for your magnificent castle.

Stylish curtains and windows, decorative wall patterns, eerily beautiful chests, new light sources for a spooky atmosphere in the castle's corridors or some silky spider webs for the most remote corners of your halls, in the DLC you'll find everything and more.

But beware: The DLC is only available during the festivities from October 24th to November 7th and then disappears again in the mist of the night. So you'd better get your hands on it fast.

Halloween Update “Mad Hunt”

There is also a game update that will not only bring a number of balance adjustments, but also a new preset for the game servers called "Mad Hunt".

This preset will shake up the familiar gameplay and randomly distribute V-Blood locations, unlockable V-Blood abilities, and V-Blood technologies across the map.

There are a few restrictions so that the entire structure doesn't disintegrate, but it can happen that you don't find the lovely Beatrice in her village as usual, but in a dark cave or in the graveyard. Hmm ... what could such a sweet old lady be doing in a cemetery?

Free2Play weekend

So that really EVERYONE has the opportunity to try out V Rising and take part in the festivities, the developers are organizing a Free2Play weekend on the weekend from October 28 to November 1, 2022. This means that no one will have an excuse not to visit the world of Vardoran and pick up the free DLC at the same time.

Become a vampire in V Rising on your GPORTAL server

The dark season has arrived and vampires are craving for blood. Now is your chance to visit the world of Vardoran and take part in the gruesome festivities.

Gather your vampire friends around you, grab the free DLC during the event and create a castle worthy of a vampire lord on your V Rising server from GPORTAL.

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