Community Manager Q&A on the V Rising 1.0 release Background

Community Manager Q&A on the V Rising 1.0 release

May 7, 2024
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We sat down with the Community Manager from Stunlock Studios to talk about V Rising and the big 1.0 update.

V Rising 1.0 will be released on May 8

The 1.0 release for V Rising is just around the corner. On May 8th the new content will be released and V Rising will leave Early Access. We at GPORTAL are also very proud to be the official host and server partner for this wonderful game. Once the update has been rolled out, you can expect a whole load of new content and on top of that a crossover with a legendary franchise: Castlevania.

This was reason enough for us to invite the V Rising Community Manager for a little Q&A and ask him a few questions. You can read below what we were able to tease out of him.

We are already so excited about the release on Wednesday and now we hope you enjoy reading.

Let's start with a few more general questions about V Rising ...

Question: How long have you been working on the game from first idea to full release?

Answer: We’ve been working on V Rising for about 5 years from conception! That includes ramping up from the first thoughts, to the prototyping, to gradually moving the team onto the project until everyone was going full force to bring our little action rpg survival vampire game to life.

Question: As we know everybody loves vampires but why vampires? What brought you to the idea to make a vampire game?

Answer: It came from inspiration from old school vampire mythos, alongside the age-old question… what if a vampire was so starved, that they desperately clawed their way out of a crypt and snatched a rat up off the floor and ate it? The idea of a noble creature of the night scraping its way up to become the powerful supernatural powerhouse we all imagine sounded like a fascinating adventure.

Question: Speaking of vampires, which side you are on in terms of character creation - a fearsome or a handsome vampire?

Answer: I refuse the question. We can have both.

Question: Boss fights in V Rising are awesome. That brings us to the question: What is your favorite boss fight in the game (with or without the new bosses)?

Answer: My favorite from before 1.0 is definitely Frostmaw. I just have too many fond memories of that fight, and it’s kind of got everything. Giant ice lasers, a terrifying monster, a section that masks your vision and makes you fight a stealthy horror. Post 1.0? Dracula. Easily.


Question: The 1.0 update is almost here, but looking back on the development of the game, what do you think was overall the biggest hurdle to overcome?

Answer: The genre switch from a queue type PvP game to a massive open world survival game was a huge challenge, and one we embraced. It was part of the motivation, even, the desire to try something new and challenge ourselves with something different than what we were used to.

Question: We MUST ask the next question, even if we can't lift the veil. What can players look forward to in the future for V Rising?

Answer: We’ll see!

Question: The 1.0 update is enormous, what is your favorite part of it?

Answer: This is really tough, because it tears at the very different parts of me. The roleplayer in me loves the ability to make my outfit unbelievable during the whole game journey. In my play through I was constantly changing up my look as I got new pieces, recoloring, switching my theme around. The addition of "Brutal Mode" is a close second though, the updates to the fights are really refreshing.

Question: The new content will certainly not only bring back old players, but also introduce new ones to V Rising for the first time. If you could give one tip to these new players, what would it be?

Answer: Really enjoy the full journey, don’t rush through it. There’s a lot to enjoy.

Question: One thing we have learned is that new difficulties are coming into the game and people love tough battles in games ... so how "brutal" is the new brutal difficulty?

Answer: In our testing, some of the best players in the world were absolutely wrecked by Dracula. I would say even if you enjoy a challenge your first playthrough of V Rising should be on normal difficulty, because that’s plenty tough on its own. Brutal is for people who already know the game inside and out.

Question: Let's talk about the cool crossover you bring to V Rising. How was the idea born to make a Castlevania crossover?

Answer: We love Castlevania, we were inspired by it, even, and it’s such a natural fit for V Rising that it slides perfectly into our world.

V Rising Legacy Of Castlevania Screenshot 1.png

Question: Have you watched the Castlevania series? If so, who is your favorite character?

Answer: Oh, sure. Personally I love Alucard. He’s such a thoughtful character, and I love me a tortured protagonist. And now I can dress like Alucard in V Rising, life is beautiful.

Question: Okay, time for some final words of wisdom. Is there anything you want players to know about the full release update?

Answer: This really is a complete experience, and we’ve put a lot of effort into crafting something for you that we would want to play. This has come such a long way since it released into Early Access from rounding out the content, to the pacing, to the new visuals, progression, quality of the fights and just the overall quality of the game. There is so much to enjoy. If you’ve played before you can now enjoy the fruit of investing in us when we were still in Early Access, and if you’ve never played you get to enjoy the same thing– but for the very first time!

We would like to take this moment to thank Stunlock Studios and the Community Manager for the opportunity to ask him questions and we are really looking forward to the release of Update 1.0.

If you are also excited about the new content, then GPORTAL as the official host and server partner for V Rising will provide you with only the very best hardware for your adventures in Vardoran. See you tomorrow!

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