The Valheim Frost Caves update is here! Background

The Valheim Frost Caves update is here!

March 1, 2022
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New Adventures await us, in the Frost Caves update for Valheim, which is now available for everyone. Head into the mountains, explore the new icy caves and fight new enemies in search of new equipment.

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Descent into the cold

The update gives the mountains varied and frosty caves. These vary greatly in their layout and are partly very extensive. When exploring, caution is advised, as careless adventurers are not only threatened with falling into the depths, but also new horrors lurk within the icy corridors.

Fenrir’s equipment

A big focus of the caves is a new set of equipment that you can obtain. You’ll have to find various materials to craft Fenrir’s armor and the weapon “Flesh Ripper”. But these materials are protected by a cult in the caves. Are you strong enough?

Official Valheim Frost Caves Artwork


The developers also had another surprise up their sleeve. In a livestream, they called for players to participate in the creation of an anniversary gift. Together with the community, they created a really cool drinking horn, which all players will receive as a new item.

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