Valheim launches on XBOX consoles Background

Valheim launches on XBOX consoles

March 14, 2023
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The developers of Iron Gate are bringing their survival hit Valheim to the Game Preview program on March 14, 2023 and thus finally to the XBOX consoles. Vikings, it's time to rise!

A vast, Nordic world awaits you

PC players have been traveling the game world of Valheim for some time now, but now XBOX players are joining them and will also find themselves in this vast, Norse-inspired world. Of course, the content won't change for XBOX players, it's the same content that's available on PC - including the Mistlands update. More content will follow in the course of Early Access.

For consoles, however, the controls have of course been adapted so that a survival game like Valheim is easily controllable on the XBOX.

Prove your worth to Odin

Travel the world of Valheim, summon powerful bosses and use their power to fight more bosses and make your way through an increasingly dangerous game world.

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