ValheimPlus Mod is now available! Background

ValheimPlus Mod is now available!

February 25, 2021
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Valheim has captivated millions of players in a very short time, but many would like to have more control over the various parameters in the game. Unsurprisingly, but great to see- are a number of mods available for the game already. ValheimPlus has caught our eye in a particularly positive way.

What does ValheimPlus offer?

With the modification, the most diverse parameters in the game can be changed. Decide on the day-night cycle or change the building system by allowing parts to float freely in the air to make building easier. Do the lights go out all the time because there is not enough fuel left in the torch? With this mod, you’ll never have to refill raw materials again.

ValheimPlus Server Settings

With the installation of this mod, you can also change the server settings, such as password protection and the number of players. Until now, Valheim did not allow more than 10 players, but with the mod this changes. More players, however, can also lead to more problems. Since the actual programming of the game is not designed for more players.

The most important options at a glance

  • Player options such as stamina consumption, regeneration, carrying capacity, food consumption, etc.
  • Production options such as the speed and amount of production of fermenters, beehives, ovens, etc.
  • Change workbench and infirmary radius
  • Fuel in torches and fireplaces no longer runs out
  • Changeable day-night cycle
  • Changeable game difficulty
  • Changeable building options
  • More camera options
  • Server settings
  • Map display options
  • Etc.

Valheim Server at GPORTAL

From now on ValheimPlus is available at GPORTAL and can be accessed as usual via the web interface of your Valheim server. Here you can test ValheimPlus together with your most loyal companions. However, we recommend making regular backups, as the mod can cause complications. Questions about our Valheim servers? Then visit our Wiki and learn how to set up your server!

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