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Vintage Story Server from GPORTAL


Experience a mysterious world and epic adventures on your own Vintage Story Server. In the uncompromising Survival Sandbox game you explore an almost limitless wilderness inspired by the Lovecraft horror theme.

The world of Vintage Story

Nature has reconquered the destroyed world and survival is hard enough. In Vintage Story, however, you are additionally plagued by temporal disturbances. Relive the first rise and rise of human civilization and create your own "Vintage Story" together with your friends.

The mysterious story

Vintage Story takes place in a malevolent universe and you explore it as a tall blue creature. Your soul is trapped in this shell and it is up to you to find the remains of the past civilization. Link the puzzle pieces and find out what caused the downfall of the previous civilization. On your journey, you and your friends will face countless challenges: fight against capricious creatures, escape temporal instability and survive time storms.

Vintage Story Trailer

Bereit für das Abenteuer?

You can play on your own Vintage Server with up to 250 players. Whether it's a big project or a small one with friends: We offer Vintage Story Server between 4 and 250 slots!

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