V Rising 1.0 starts now! Background

V Rising 1.0 starts now!

May 8, 2024
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Vampire sisters and brothers, heed the call to Vardoran. Update 1.0 for V Rising brings back the vampire of all vampires - Dracula. And not only that, discover all the other new content with your GPORTAL server.

Vardoran is getting bigger

Of course, a huge content update wouldn't be complete without new regions to explore, such as the "Ruins of Mortium", where there are new challenges such as dynamic events. But the "old world" has also seen some changes with new life, new interesting locations, new lighting moods thanks to a new lighting system and more.

Keep your red eyes open on the hunt for the new caravans roaming the land. Plenty of loot awaits you.

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New enemies and even more magic

Teeth are honed and weapons sharpened, because new enemies await in the world of V Rising. Fight against new VIP bosses such as Dracula and THE vampire hunter par excellence Simon Belmont, whom Castlevania fans will know and fear.

Discover a new "Spider Form" transformation that lets you bury yourself underground and finally stop fearing the sun. Unlock your favorite magic more precisely and use one of the new difficulty settings to customize the game experience to your liking.

More weapons and more choice of armor

Every good vampire needs weapons and armor, and with the 1.0 update for V Rising, you're in for a real treat. Two new types of weapon have found their way into the game: the bow and the whip. Of course, there are also a number of new, unique, legendary weapons to loot. Each designed for a unique playstyle for slaying monsters.

And if you care about the look of your armor, there's a whole new set of armor that targets specific playstyles AND you can now color your armor to your liking to make it stand out even more.

Even more features for vampires

There is so much more to discover:

  • Move your entire castle from one point to another
  • Decorate your castle with a variety of new decorative items
  • Get the music player for your castle and listen to orchestral tunes
  • Intuitive item management
  • Gamepad support
  • Achievements
  • And much more …

New DLC: Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack

It's a wonderful time for Castlevania fans. Not only do you get to face the mighty Simon Belmont himself, but you also get a whole coffin load of new cosmetics for you, your transformations, your horse and your castle, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Castlevania atmosphere.

Grab the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack now with the 1.0 update for V Rising.

It's time to travel to Vardoran on your GPORTAL server

As you can see, there is a lot to do. Vardoran is calling for its vampires and with the Content Update 1.0 for V Rising there is a lot of exciting content waiting for you. Gather your blood-sucking friends around you and face powerful bosses, obtain legendary magic and weapons and face the most powerful vampire of all time: Dracula. All on your legendary GPORTAL server.

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