V Rising is now available for Playstation 5! Background

V Rising is now available for Playstation 5!

June 11, 2024
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V Rising has already conquered the hearts of Survival RPG fans on the PC, and now it's the turn of Playstation players. You can now get Playstation servers for V Rising from us.

A vampiric success story

V Rising was launched in Early Access on PC just over two years ago and has gathered a large community over the years. Countless vampires have wandered into the world of Vardoran and have gradually regained their dominance by hunting monsters, slaying bosses and building magnificent castles.

Recently, the 1.0 version of V Rising was released with a seemingly endless amount of new content, bringing more than 130,000 concurrent players on Steam back to Vardoran.

Some quick facts:

  • 11 different weapon types (great sword, bow, pistols and more)
  • 6 schools of magic with more than 40 spells and additional passive effects
  • More than 50 bosses
  • 8 extensive regions
  • Hundreds of cosmetic items for your castle
  • Always accessible transmog system for your armor
  • 7 transformations for different situations (wolf, bear, frog, bat and more)
  • You decide whether to focus on PvE or whether PvP is also possible

Vampiric action now on Playstation

And from now on, all vampires on Playstation can join these vast numbers of players. Create your own unique vampire, roam the gothic world of Vardoran, create your eerily beautiful dream castle, fight monsters, noble knights, bandits and other bosses and reclaim your rightful place as ruler.

GPORTAL is the official host and server partner for V Rising

At GPORTAL, we have always provided you with only the best server hardware for your adventures. As the official host and server partner for V Rising, we make sure that you have the best possible gaming experience on your server at all times, whether on PC or Playstation. Grab your GPORTAL server now and get started right away!

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