The future of “V Rising” Background

The future of “V Rising”

September 9, 2022
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The vampire survival game "V Rising" was released in mid-May 2022 and quickly gathered an extremely large fan community around it. The setting is fresh and the game runs extremely smoothly for an Early Access game.

What’s next?

Now, 4 months later, the gaming community is thirsting for new content and the developers at Stunlock Studios are giving us tons of info and details on possible upcoming content in a huge blog post.

Millions of vampires

To date, "V Rising" has gathered more than 2.5 million vampires who now populate Vardoran to fight humans, build castles and slay powerful monsters. In a blog article on Steam, the developers from Stunlock Studios have now described in more detail what they are currently working on and what could find its way to Vardoran in the future. However, it must also be said that there is no exact roadmap for any of the features.


Expanding your own castle

One request that came up again and again in the community was the desire for more options to further personalize and expand one's castle. Especially the option to add multiple floors was often requested. The developers have clearly listened and tease that they are currently looking into the option for multiple floors, but need to get some potential issues out of the way first. Other cosmetic adjustments for your castle walls and an expansive outdoor area in the form of gardens are also being discussed.

A new world

The game world of "V Rising" is large and offers countless winding corners to explore. At some point, however, you'll have discovered every nook and cranny, and you'll be thirsting for more. The developers know this, too, and are currently planning a new area that should stand out noticeably from the previous ones. They also want to add new elements to existing areas to make them more interesting. The same goes for the monsters that hang around in them. More variety is the key word here.


PvE & PvP

"V Rising" offers players of both camps extensive possibilities, but not every aspect is perfect and there is always room for improvement. The developers know this, too, and are therefore working on many corners and edges to optimize the gaming experience on both sides. Above all, balance plays a big role.

Nice day for fishing, isn't it?

The favorite sport in any game is fishing, and V Rising is no exception. To make this pastime even more fun in the future ... The developers are also working on improvements here and want to polish the feature further.

If you want to read the developers' blog post again in detail and in full length, you can find it by clicking the button below the article. As the official host for "V Rising", we are already extremely excited about what we can expect in "V Rising".

You’ve NEVER played or heard of "V Rising"?

Then it's about time. If you even remotely enjoy survival games with RPG elements, you simply have to check out "V Rising". A fantastic and mysterious world awaits you with your "V Rising" G-Portal server.

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