World Titans War - A New Take on World War II Background

World Titans War - A New Take on World War II

March 15, 2022
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Developer PROMVI GAMES combines survival crafting with tactical shooter gameplay in World Titans War to approach the World War II setting from a different perspective.

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Two distinct phases

The game is mainly divided into two major phases. In an open game world of about 60km² with different terrain, you’ll play in Civil Time at the start of the game, which is more like a survival crafting title, before switching to tactical shooter gameplay later in War Time.

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Survival crafting meets tactical shooter

In Civil Time, everything revolves around survival in the vast game world. Raw materials such as food and materials for building your own base must be found. You can also team up with other players and trade to get through this time better.

When the time of war approaches, everything revolves around the battle between armies and the survival crafting part moves more into the background. Make the best use of the resources you’ve previously collected to decide the battle for your side. During this time, the aspects of a tactical shooter come to the fore.

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