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7 Days To Die server hosting


  • DDoS Protection

    DDos Protection through state-of-the-art technology thanks to our partner Corero

  • Gamecloud

    Switch to another game flexibly and quickly at any time

  • Online Immediately

    Your server is online within few minutes

  • Random Seeds

    Randomly generated worlds by the Random Seeds Generator in the web interface

  • Storage Space

    50GB Backup for savegames & configs

  • Modsupport

    Full support for pre-installed and custom mods via web interface and FTP

  • Hardware

    Fast SSD Server Hardware & High Performance

  • Support

    Live Support via phone, ticket, forum, wiki und e-mail


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I've used a lot of different server hosting websites and this is easily the best. The customer service is second to none and there is almost never downtime. I've only had...

Anna Dragt
Anna Dragt5-stars

Customer service has always been spot on with these guys. They're quick to respond and don't quit until they find an answer. I've use g-portal for the better part of a ye...

Eric Watson
Eric Watson5-stars

So I worked with Nit**** for 5+ years and recently we moved to Steam. I have spent DAYS researching and spending money on servers. I have spent time and money and want to...

FAQ’s about our 7 Days To Die server


DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service”. A DDoS attack is when an overload is artificially caused by a third party for the purpose of making a service unusable. For protection we cooperate with “Corero”.


In our web interface you will find a corresponding tab “Mods”. You can activate or deactivate mods such as Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls and others using the slider.


You can simply adjust your desired server settings in our web interface (e.g. whether you want villages, NPCs, animals etc. on your seed or not; changing the max build height). After you’ve logged into our website, you can find all needed menu items on the left side and the options below.


The Gamecloud feature allows you to easily switch your slots back and forth between games. When you’re tired of one game, move your slots to another game that’s also part of our Gamecloud, and then back again later if you want.


You can upload your own mods to your server via FTP. Make sure that you use the server version of the mod. In 7 Days To Die there are also client mods that you can’t use on your server.


Creating a backup protects you from losing your game progress. There are many possible causes and not all of them are influenced by your actions. This is why we recommend regularly creating backups. The creation of a backup is quite simple. You can find a corresponding menu item “Backup” in the game server menu. In addition, there are also mods or plugins that can create backups automatically, which are then available via FTP on the server.

The GPORTAL Webinterface

Our Server Locations

7 Days To Die server hosting

7 Days To Die server – online instantly, preinstalled, no contract!

You cannot put 7 Days To Die into the category of “just another zombie survival game”, because it is way more than that. It has first-person shooter elements with roleplay, horror, and a lot of adventure. In 7 Days To Die, you explore an undead environment full of zombies. You can grow fruit, process trees to wood, build water supplies, breed cattle for food, and gather resources for your own home. You must prioritize your own safety in this eerily beautiful world, because evil lurks in the night. You can increase your own character skills in an extensive RPG system, where having certain abilities is a major advantage.

Minecraft meets DayZ

7 Days To Die is a classic sandbox game that combines an atmospheric look with perfectly thought out logic. During daytime you need to equip yourself for the night. The developer has included a variety of neat gimmicks, so that 7 Days to Die doesn’t get boring after many hours, days, or even weeks.

Your own 7 Days To Die server in the Gamecloud by GPORTAL

To fight for survival with up to 30 players, you need not only creativity, but also fast, lag-free servers. For you and your 7 Days To Die server, GPORTAL provides a dynamic adjustment of the hardware resources, i.e. the more the server is used, the more power is provided for your 7 Days To Die server. With state-of-the-art Intel Xeon E5 2690V2 servers GPORTAL offers you sufficient performance, regardless of whether 4 or even 30 players play on your server.

Instantly online and easily administrable – Thanks to the Gamecloud!

Simply select the slot size required when ordering your Gamecloud, define the rental period (3, 30 or maybe 90 days?), make a quick and easy payment using Paysafecard, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card, and get started within seconds. The Gamecloud offers beginners an intuitive user interface for 7 Days To Die, where the server is set up with just a few clicks. After that you can start crafting and building, and set off in the server world. The server is online to any player worldwide, there are no restrictions!