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Alan Wayne Smith
Alan Wayne Smith5-stars

Ned is the man. I was literally on the cuff of losing all my player's saved data the server login and everything. This man fixed it and got things up and running in minut...

Theis Groth
Theis Groth5-stars

Gportal has come a long way in the last few years, and as a returning server renter, i have been here since they only had server hubs in germany and england. Today they h...

Alberto Pagan
Alberto Pagan5-stars

The customer service I have gotten from everyone today has been the best I have gotten in a very long time!!

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Fast Arma 2 DayZ Mod Server rental (Arma2)

Dean Hall, the lone developer of the mod for Arma 2, has created an absolute cult with DayZ, all about Permadeath, zombies, supplies and human nature. A game that fascinates despite small bugs and attracts players to the DayZ servers.

The agony of survival

The enemy, as players on the DayZ server will quickly discover, is not the zombies. Even the undead on the giant island of Chernarus can be deadly, but human players are the real deadly element.

The environment is strange, vast and somewhere on the map there are hidden supplies – small guns, axes, firewood, blood bags or just water. Even food is scarce in DayZ and so a crazy race for supplies and survival quickly develops. Because better supplies are only in barracks and cities, but these are potentially deadly. On almost every DayZ server there are bandits lurking who mercilessly shoot careless players. Since DayZ is based on Arma 2, one shot is often enough to kill the player.


On the DayZ server the exclamation “Friendly?” has become a familiar word on the DayZ server as a confirmation of the friendly intentions of the players. Nevertheless, distrust is the highest premise to survive on the DayZ Server. This is the only way the player can hope to find better equipment or even to get the few vehicles running again and maybe even become a bandit himself? Because DayZ is End Time pure and offers raw human nature as a game. Trust and cooperation are good, but how far? Because the death in DayZ is final.

Different DayZ servers offer different premises, make supplies even rarer or even prohibit the third person perspective.