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CryoFall server hosting

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  • Online instantly

    Your server is online in just a few minutes

  • Storage space

    50GB backup for saved games & configs

  • Hardware

    Latest hardware and NVMe SSD hard drives.

  • Support

    Live support via telephone, tickets, forum, wiki and e-mail

  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection through cutting-edge technology thanks to our partner Corero

  • Gamecloud – including game switching

    Switch to another game quickly and flexibly

  • Server management via the web interface

    Web interface and log access: Easy server management

  • CryoFall Slots

    10 - 100 Slots

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Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson5-stars

G-Portal's customer service is top notch. Over the past couple of years, every ticket I've had to submit has been resolved in literally minutes. And, I'm embarrassed to ...

Alan Wayne Smith
Alan Wayne Smith5-stars

Ned is the man. I was literally on the cuff of losing all my player's saved data the server login and everything. This man fixed it and got things up and running in minut...

Theis Groth
Theis Groth5-stars

Gportal has come a long way in the last few years, and as a returning server renter, i have been here since they only had server hubs in germany and england. Today they h...

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Colony simulator meets science fiction survival!

In the distant future on a deserted planet

Ancient ruins show that this planet was once inhabited a long time ago. Now it’s up to you to colonize it again. Explore and discover the unknown expanses and acquire new technologies that will bring you further. Farm and trade to get rare goods.

Protect your new home

Depending on whether you choose a PVE or PVP server, you will have to protect your base from raiders and uncivilised players. But beside the enemy players, there are also some creatures that can become dangerous to you – or you might carelessly run into a contaminated area that will cost you your life.

A huge world awaits you

The vast areas offer plenty of space for lots of players and their construction projects, but getting in each other’s way can mean war. Therefore, you should get reinforcements so that you don’t have to fight the entire planet alone. Or you can get your own server and spread out as you please.

CryoFall premium server hosting at GPORTAL

From now on you can rent your own CryoFall server at GPORTAL. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud. That means you have no contract and can switch between the different games in our Gamecloud at any time. You don’t feel like playing CryoFall right now? Then use your slots for another game. You can switch servers as often as you like without changing or deleting your Gamecloud. Full flexibility and immediately online, that’s the GPORTAL Gamecloud.