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GROUND BRANCH server hosting

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  • Online instantly

    Your server is online in just a few minutes

  • Storage space

    50GB backup for saved games & configs

  • Hardware

    Latest hardware and NVMe SSD hard drives.

  • Support

    Live support via telephone, tickets, forum, wiki and e-mail

  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection through cutting-edge technology thanks to our partner Corero

  • Gamecloud – including game switching

    Switch to another game quickly and flexibly

  • Server management via the web interface

    Web interface and log access: Easy server management


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Anna Dragt
Anna Dragt5-stars

Customer service has always been spot on with these guys. They're quick to respond and don't quit until they find an answer. I've use g-portal for the better part of a ye...

Eric Watson
Eric Watson5-stars

So I worked with Nit**** for 5+ years and recently we moved to Steam. I have spent DAYS researching and spending money on servers. I have spent time and money and want to...

Rick Hill
Rick Hill5-stars

Super Quick and Efficient!Excellent turnaround on a trouble ticket both in terms of speed (answered in like 5 minutes) and resolution. MasonW was a great support tech; th...

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Back to the classics

Realistic hardcore tactical shooter

The original Rainbow Six® and Ghost Recon® – shooter fans certainly remember these two titles. One of the original developers is shaking up the genre with its tactical shooter “GROUND BRANCH”, released in August 2018, which fully focuses on realism, customizability of weapons and your own operator, giving hardcore shooter fans an opportunity to completely lose themselves in the gameplay.

Your character, your loadout

The team at BlackFoot Studios focuses entirely on realism. This means that when you move through the game world, your entire body is perceived accordingly by enemies and other players. For example, if you take cover behind an obstacle and a foot or arm peeks out, your opponent can take the opportunity to shoot at it. You therefore have to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings at all times in order to get the most out of a situation. A reduced UI additionally helps you to get important information, but doesn’t disturb your immersion.

Customize your character and equipment to your liking. This starts with the basic look and outfit of your operator, continues with the customization of your vest and weapon, and ends with the individual placement of storage pouches, accessories, and attachments on your weapons. Each decision will affect your gameplay to a greater or lesser extent. If you take too much equipment with you, you’ll end up restricting your freedom of movement, slowing you down and possibly making you inferior to your opponent. So think carefully about what you particularly value and what you really need before you start playing.

You can also freely modify your weapon to a large extent so you can, for example, place scopes as you prefer. Note, however, that depending on the placement, the effect of the scope (and other attachments) may vary. For example, with a rather large weapon and attachments, you might have trouble moving around in tight spaces. It’s up to you.

Alone or together with a team

What is your preferred play style? Do you prefer to battle alone against the A.I., or do you gather your friends around you to battle against A.I. or another team? No matter what you prefer, GROUND BRANCH offers you all the options for exciting and challenging matches, so you can prove that you are a master of tactics. So lock and load your weapon, and let the battle begin.

Rent your GROUND BRANCH server at GPORTAL

Rent your own GROUND BRANCH server now. Prepaid and within the Gamecloud. This means that you don’t have to sign a contract and can switch between the different games in our Gamecloud at any time. You don’t feel like playing GROUND BRANCH right now? Then use your slots for another game and if you want to get back into tactical battles next weekend, just switch back to GROUND BRANCH. Full flexibility and instantly online, that’s the GPORTAL Gamecloud.