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    50GB backup for saved games & configs

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    Latest hardware and NVMe SSD hard drives.

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    Live support via telephone, tickets, forum, wiki and e-mail

  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection through cutting-edge technology thanks to our partner Corero

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    Switch to another game quickly and flexibly

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Vanna S
Vanna S5-stars

I would like to say I got one of the most BEST service out there from G-Portal. I had a really bad issue with my Personal Server Settings on Conan Exiles. So I put in a T...

Jonny Woods
Jonny Woods5-stars

This was my first time writting a ticket to Gportal, which is pretty good considering we have been signed up with Gportal for over a year now. but i have to say the respo...

Mark Reifsnider
Mark Reifsnider5-stars

Support team is hands down amaizing! Had an issue extending my server. Made two transactions through gportal, except transactions made never reflected life of the server....

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Survive in the wilderness and build a new civilization

In Re.poly you create a new world together with your friends and defend it against evil. Surviving alone in the wilderness is possible, but surviving with friends is much easier. The sorcerer Grindun summons you to help him to bring back human civilization. 

The end of the human civilization 

The people of Aspira lived in peace with the people of the volcanic land. But the king broke that peace pact and invoked a dark war. The demon Kalis destroyed everything that was created by human hands and made it disappear. Even the human species seemed to have disappeared. This was the end of human civilization…

The return of the humans

In Re.poly you will be brought back to life by the wizard Grindun. He needs your help to activate the restoration shrines for the return of the human species and to stand up to the King of the Volcanic Land and his demons. Re.poly offers unimagined possibilities Together with your friends, you can go crafting, farming, building houses and raiding other players in Re.poly. While crafting, you mine common resources, which are needed to produce tools and equipment. Workbenches unlock new building plans for advanced items. While crafting, you mine common resources, which are needed to produce tools and equipment. Workbenches unlock new building plans for advanced items. In Economy and Agriculture, you can grow crops, and over time, the harvest will become richer and richer and you will no longer starve to death on raids. You will also be able to buy, breed and sell animals from NPCs. There is also an extensive cookbook with many recipes – invite your friends to your house for a delicious dinner!

Re.poly server rental in the high-end prepaid solution from GPORTAL

You can immediately rent your own Re.poly server. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud. This means you have no contractual obligation and can switch between the different games in our Gamecloud at any time. You don’t feel like playing Re.poly right now? Then use your slots for an ARK server. Full flexibility and immediately online, that’s the GPORTAL Gamecloud.