ARK: Survival Evolved - "Crystal Isles" as new free map for PS4 Background

ARK: Survival Evolved - "Crystal Isles" as new free map for PS4

August 25, 2020
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To celebrate ARK's 5th birthday, the map "Crystal Isles" found its way into the game in a revised form. Now the beautiful map is also available for PlayStation 4!

Important note for PC and PS4 players: With the update the XP, as well as the XP rates for collecting and taming are increased. These are increased by a factor of 2: If you have set a gathering rate of 1x before, it will be increased to 2x. If you want to continue playing with the old values, you have to halve the values in the basic settings of the GPORTAL web interface.

About Crystal Isles

150 square kilometers of colorful scenery and biomes teeming with life await you! Crystal Isles was released as a modmap in 2016 and took the community by storm. That was reason enough for Studio Wildcard to upgrade the map to a more professional level and offer it as official map.

Whether you build your base high in the rainforest or choose a mysterious floating island as your home is entirely up to you. If you prefer to jump into the cool water, you can dive down to deep caves to search for secrets and resources.

Crystal Isles is the home of a new dino

Players of Crystal Isles on the PC have certainly already discovered the new pterosaurus: the “Tropeognathus” is ideal for aerial combat.

Crystal Isles: The features at a glance

  • 150 square kilometers with various biomes to explore
  • A large valley, rainforest, swamps and huge trees offer variety (also for building bases)
  • The fantastic Emberfall region is supposed to hold dangers, but also reward explorers
  • Eldritch Isle is a dangerous zone, but it lures you with rare materials
  • Apotheosis is a cluster of floating islands connected by roots and lianas that hold further secrets
  • Three types of crystalline wyvern are waiting to be tamed and grown
  • A new custom boss arena
  • New Dino: Tropeognathus – A giant pterosaur that has a lot to offer

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