Barotrauma - Explore a mysterious world Background

Barotrauma - Explore a mysterious world

April 1, 2022
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Released in June 2019, Barotrauma from developer "FakeFish" and "Undertow Games" immerses you in an alien environment on Jupiter's moon Europa. A 2D co-op submarine simulator packed with survival and horror elements.

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Ensure the survival of mankind

Mankind’s time on Earth is over and now you have to ensure survival on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In Barotrauma you dive with a submarine into unknown depths of the moon. Nobody knows what awaits you down there – alien life forms, ancient ruins, mysterious places?

The game is all about managing your submarine and the crew on said submarine. You can assemble them from NPCs or your friends. Each of them will then take care of different parts of the submarine in order to successfully navigate through the depths. Communication and team play are essential if you want to survive.

Barotrauma „Among the Ancients“ update Trailer

Gameplay highlights:

  • Discover a procedurally generated, unknown alien world full of dangers and mysteries
  • complex management of your submarine by managing functions and weapons according to your own ideas
  • special ragdoll physics for characters
  • horror elements create an oppressive, extremely dense atmosphere
  • Class system with different abilities and tasks for your crew
  • Up to 16 players on one submarine (slots can be filled by bots)
  • Editors for submarines, characters, etc. …
  • Mod support via Steam Workshop
  • Publicly available source code via GitHub

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