Farming-Simulator 22 Farm Production Pack - News Background

Farming-Simulator 22 Farm Production Pack - News

April 30, 2024
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Optimize your profitability, increase production and work on your sustainability. In the new FS22 Farm Production Pack, you can expect new brands such as VDW and Lely, new sales outlets, production facilities, storage options, generators for renewable energies and much more. In addition, the logistical gameplay is expanded with distribution centers and markets. Let's take a closer look at the FS22 Farm Production Pack now!

Economy, production & storage

Expand your farm and look forward to 20 new machines, buildings, sales outlets and more. Whether you're a new or experienced farmer, here you'll find what you're looking for. The new distribution center in particular will present you with daily challenges.

Small but mighty!

Before you create your huge LS22 empire, you can start with new and cost-effective wind turbines. Alternatively, there are also solar panels, which even come with a small robot to clean them of dirt and dust. There are also new sheds that you can build.

Company growth

Over time, you will notice that your business has grown to a considerable size and therefore becomes more demanding. The new sales outlets included in the DLC offer dynamic prices. There are also vending machines, market stalls, a supermarket and a convenience store. Here you will be rewarded with a small bonus for fast deliveries.

New tools for your FS22

If you have supplied the dealer with important resources, you can get sulfuric acid straight from there. You may be wondering why you should do this. Well, the Lely Sphere produces liquid fertilizer by combining it with the air from animal barns. More fertilizer for you and more sustainability for the environment.

But that's not all. The Clean Tiger from VDW ensures that you earn even more money. It removes stones from sugar beet, cleans and cuts it and a washing drum produces all kinds of washed crops, which you can then offer for higher prices.

Create your own distribution center

Here you have something to work towards. On 4,000 square meters, you manage your own distribution center full of heavy-duty racking. Grab a forklift to unload lorries and use the high racks to trust hundreds of pallets and manage distribution on a grand scale! If that's not worth it, what is?

Try the new FS22 pack on your server

Now you know exactly what to expect in the new FS22 Farm Production Pack. We can't wait to see how you test the pack on your own Farming Simulator 22 GPORTAL server!