Frozen Flame - Survival meets RPG Background

Frozen Flame - Survival meets RPG

November 17, 2022
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Developer Dreamside Interactive delivers an interesting combination of classic survival and RPG with Frozen Flame. A procedurally generated, open game world, free character development and a skill-based combat system are only the pillars.

Dive into the world of Arcana

The world of Arcana consists of many small and large floating islands, between which you, as a player, will be able to travel thanks to an extremely handy flying ability. Explore these islands and gather the resources you need to create a retreat from the bitterly cold nights.

Face the monsters and adversities of the game world to improve your equipment and face even more powerful enemies.

In the end, you'll have only one objective: to defeat the Faceless One in his impressive fortress on the horizon, so that the land can flourish again.

The world of Arcana offers you:

  • An open game world that is randomly created each time a new game is started
  • Interesting mix of survival and RPG
  • Travel between islands thanks to your flying ability
  • Defeat countless enemies for better loot
  • Develop your character the way you want thanks to an extensive progression system
  • Become a warrior, a ranger or a sorcerer
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Create your own conditions for the game world on your server

Frozen Flame server at GPORTAL

The world of Arcana is now open to you. Grab your server and friends and explore this beautiful yet dangerous region and show the Faceless One that you have everything it takes to survive and end his reign.

We're really looking forward to welcoming you to Arcana.

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