New content for V Rising is just around the corner! Background

New content for V Rising is just around the corner!

February 9, 2023
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The first major content update for V Rising is coming in May 2023. The developers at Stunlock Studios have published a very(!) extensive blog post in which they go into great detail about everything. We summarize everything for you a bit.

More possibilities for your castle

A very frequently requested feature finally finds its way into the game: multi-level castles. Finally, we can not only use the game world with its elevated areas to create the impression of multiple floors, but we can build real staircases and floors. This will allow you to fit many more rooms in much less space.

Also, there will definitely be new objects that we can place in our castle for decoration. So it will soon be time for a new "coat of paint".



Many changes in the upcoming update are aimed at giving players more options to play V Rising the way they want. Jewels are a new system that allows modifying existing spells to give them additional or extended effects.

Jewels come in different colors and rarity levels and can be captured from normal enemies and from chests, but mostly you'll find them on boss enemies. We're already excited to see what interesting combinations we can create with them.

Revision of the magic schools

Blood, Unholy, Chaos, Illusion, and Frost magic are the five schools of magic in V Rising. All schools of magic will undergo revisions and changes. Spells will be adjusted visually and functionally, creating new synergies and more variety. With Unholy magic, for example, it will be possible to bring back more servants from the dead, so you can command your own small army. Blood magic, on the other hand, will be even more focused on extracting life from enemies, after all, no vampire would mind a little snack in between.

Legendary weapons

Currently still in the test phase are legendary weapons, which can provide additional effects that are usually only found in the magic schools, of course with limited strength. But this also opens up possibilities for new combinations in combat. Who is looking forward to the first legendary loot drop?

Territories (Experimental Feature)

Another feature that is currently still being experimented with is territories. The idea behind this is that players can claim individual territories for themselves and are not forced to place a castle heart first. As the developers explain in the blog post, there are some pros and cons to weigh with the mechanic. For more details, it's best to check out the blog post directly.


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