Sons of the Forest brings new horrors with update 1.0 Background

Sons of the Forest brings new horrors with update 1.0

February 22, 2024
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After just over a year, Update 1.0 for Sons of the Forest is here, bringing new content, new features, an expanded story and so much more to the game. It's time for another trip to the island.

Return to the island

A year ago, Sons of the Forest launched in Early Access and horror survival fans were thrilled. Whether it was the wild cannibals, the wonderful game world with dense forests, waterfalls or snow regions or the abstractly disfigured mutants, Sons of the Forest was a feast for the eyes and with the completely revised building system you could add so much more variation to your buildings.

Over the last year, new content updates were released every few weeks, bringing new features to the game, such as new building types, traps, enemies, story elements, interesting points on the map and much more.

Now Sons of the Forest is getting Update 1.0, by far the biggest update with so many new features and adjustments. But until the exact release of the update and the corresponding patch notes, we don't know the full scope.

What we know about patch 1.0 so far:

  • Raccoons are now jumping through the forest
  • New caves
  • New craftable objects and "buildables"
  • New mutants (and possibly more enemies)
  • Golf carts now have GPS (THANK YOU Endnight!)
  • Dynamic events? (In the trailer there is a living soldier who may have supplies if we save him)
  • The story has been extended and expanded (presumably new interesting locations on the map)
  • A mysterious new artifact

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