Valheim - The brutal world of the Vikings! Background

Valheim - The brutal world of the Vikings!

February 2, 2021
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A new Viking adventure awaits you in the world of Valheim. Together with your companions, you will fight for Odin's favour, for no warrior's paradise awaits you in this brutal world. Valheim is an ancient purgatory with equally ancient creatures to defeat.

The path to honour and glory awaits…

Recently fallen in honourable combat, the next battle for honour and glory is about to begin. Odin’s rivals have spread chaos and terror throughout Valheim, it is your task to restore order; this is a challenge that you do not have to face alone.

Valheim Trailer

On the high seas

Seafaring is part and parcel of every true Viking. So build legendary warships alone or together with your companions, craft the best weapons and armour and travel the world in search of more exotic lands, but be careful not to sail too far…

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