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[PC] Conan Exiles server hosting

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  • Online instantly

    Your server is online in just a few minutes

  • Storage space

    50GB backup for saved games & configs

  • Hardware

    Latest hardware and NVMe SSD hard drives.

  • Support

    Live support via telephone, tickets, forum, wiki and e-mail

  • DDoS protection

    DDoS protection through cutting-edge technology thanks to our partner Corero

  • Gamecloud – including game switching

    Switch to another game quickly and flexibly

  • Modstorage

    Unlimited mod storage for your favorite mods

  • Official Conan servers

    Official Conan Exiles partner server

  • Steam workshop

    Integrated workshop for mods

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I've used a lot of different server hosting websites and this is easily the best. The customer service is second to none and there is almost never downtime. I've only had...

Anna Dragt
Anna Dragt5-stars

Customer service has always been spot on with these guys. They're quick to respond and don't quit until they find an answer. I've use g-portal for the better part of a ye...

Eric Watson
Eric Watson5-stars

So I worked with Nit**** for 5+ years and recently we moved to Steam. I have spent DAYS researching and spending money on servers. I have spent time and money and want to...

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Brutal fight for survival in the “Conan” universe

Awaken the warrior within you

For many years, Conan Exiles has been one of the most popular survival sandbox experiences. Whether alone or with friends, on foot or on horseback, the open world in the “Conan the Barbarian” universe will demand a lot from you, but also reward you richly. Fight, build, explore – play online on your server as you wish.

A harsh, hostile environment awaits you

You awake, hanging from a wooden cross, in the middle of an inhospitable desert. Only sand as far as the eye can see. A shadow on the horizon, barely visible because of the heat. It seems to be approaching. Hope dawns. A muscular man, who seems familiar to you, knocks you down from your prison. You are close to death, but you are free.

Conan Exiles throws you into a world of the Hyborian Age, where only one thing matters: the survival of the fittest. Fight for your life, or end up as a meal for the monsters that lie in wait for you. Build a home, take care of your needs, fight off enemy players or make friends. The choice is yours and you are the architect of your own happiness.

You determine your path to glory

Whether you play on a public server or prefer to travel privately with friends – you decide what your path will be. Try your hand as a warrior and roam the world, visiting dungeons and hunting nasty monsters. These have the loot you need to become even stronger and fight more powerful monsters. If you don’t feel like hunting loot, you can also try your hand at building houses, castles, or fortifications. The Conan Exiles building system leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Let your creativity run wild and show these barbarians that they should respect you. Are you looking for classic roleplay in which you take on a fixed role? Then you will find what you are looking for in the large Conan community to make a name for yourself. Furthermore, the open world offers many biomes to explore in order to discover their secrets and raw materials. Whether as a lone wolf or in a group – it’s your choice, but it might be easier to survive together.

Rent your Conan Exiles server at GPORTAL

A Conan Exiles server offers 10-70 slots, so you can easily invite your friends. In addition, we offer you maximum freedom in designing your gaming experience, as for example hunger, thirst, experience points and well over 100 other factors can be easily managed via web interface. Through said interface, installing mods is also a breeze and done in no time. And if you have any worries, our support is always there for you.

So from now on rent your own Conan Exiles server. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud. This means that you don’t have to sign a contract and can switch between the different games in our Gamecloud at any time. You don’t feel like playing Conan Exiles right now? Then use your slots for another game and when you want to go hunting for loot again next weekend, just switch back to Conan Exiles. Full flexibility and immediately online, that’s the GPORTAL Gamecloud.