Conan Exiles

You must survive as exiles in the wasteland and any mistake will be punished mercilessly. Here, the weak are dominated by the strong.
Conan Exiles was developed by Funcom and is an open-world survival game. The most important questions about the Conan Franchise Game are answered below.

Basic server configuration

Create backups

With your GPORTAL server, you can create backups if you wish. You receive free storage space for saving your game play.

Note Please note that backups are not created automatically.

How to create a backup via the web interface:

  1. Log on to our website
  2. Click on “My Server” in the menu on the left
  3. Select the server
  4. Click on “Backup” in the “Administration” menu on the left
  5. Click on “Create Backup
  6. The server stops for the backup
  7. After creating the backup, the server restarts automatically
  8. Alternatively, click on “Restart

Important No backups can be saved between 19:00 and 21:00 (CET).

How do I change the map to Isle of Siptah?

To use the new Conan Exiles map “Isle of Siptah” on your server, you have to activate it in the basic settings of your server. Proceed as follows:

  • Log in via our website
  • Click on My Servers in the left menu
  • Select the desired server
  • Click on Basic Settings in the left menu
  • Click on the drop-down map and select “Isle of Siptah
  • Restart the server for the changes to take effect

ImportantMany mods are not compatible with the DLC “Isle of Siptah”. Disable or delete mods if the server does not start.

How do I delete game progress?

Note Deleting all game progress cannot be undone. Please use the button “Delete all Saved Games” carefully!

This deletes your game progress

  1. Navigate to your server settings
  2. Click on “Basic Settings
  3. Click the “Delete all Savegames” Button

How do I become a server Admin? (PS4, PC, Xbox)

Become a server Admin in 5 steps:

  1. Save the Admin password in the basic settings
  2. Restart server
  3. Start the game and connect to the server
  4. In the Options, enter the Admin password
  5. Enable Admin in the game via Options

As server Admin, you have more options in the game. Players can become an Admin in Conan Exiles with a password. You set the Admin password in your server’s basic settings. You can find this in the web interface on the left side of the menu.

NotePlease note that the Admin password cannot contain special characters. Special characters are e.g.: &, /, =, [ and ].

After changing the Admin password, the server must be restarted to activate the changes.

After successfully connecting to your server in the game, navigate to settings (“ESC” on the PC, “Options” on the PS4 or the “Menu” button on the Xbox).

Within the settings, navigate to the “Server Options” button and click on “Make me an Admin”.

Enter the Admin password that you set in the basic settings. When everything is confirmed, you will see “Administrator rights granted”.

You can access the Admin panel from the options menu, and, with one click, you can use full Administrator rights in the game.

Admin commands

In Conan Exiles, commands are not case sensitive. This means that the upper and lower case are not important.

MakeMeAdminAdminPasswortGrants Admin rights
MakeMeNormalTakes away Admin rights
GodToggles God mode
InvisibilityMakes your character invisible
CloakNPC won’t see you, even if you attack them
FlyAllows you to fly
GhostAllows you to fly through structures and landscapes
WalkReturns to normal mode after using fly or ghost
NoSprintCostRunning no longer uses stamina (except jumping and fighting)
SpawnItemItemID NumberSpawns the item wanted in the desired quantity. You can also use the Administrator menu, which should be easier.
DamageTargetValueInflicts the target with the corresponding damage value
DestroyTargetCaution: Use carefully. Destroys the complex contiguous structures targeted. Can also destroy your environment and tear holes into the landscape that players can fall through and only a server restart will repair the landscape.
TeleportTeleports you to where you are looking
TeleportPlayerPlayer or Steam nameTeleport to the target coordinates, ask your fellow players to press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L to get the exact Cheat command to their position.
TeleportToPlayerPlayer nameTeleports you to the player
SummonPlayerPlayer nameTeleports the player to you
ViewPlayerPlayer nameWatch the selected player
ViewSelfExits the view mode
PrintPlayerInfoPlayer name or IDGet the player’s name from a steam name or vice versa
ToggleDebugHUDDisplays the debug Hud, which shows you your location, your ping, and the servers FPS

For additional Admin commands, visit:

Further server configuration

We regularly receive questions about Conan Exiles through our ticket system and forum. The following topics are advanced server settings and should only be performed by advanced users.

How do I install mods? (PC)

To install mods for Conan Exiles, use our web interface to find the appropriate mod and click on “install”.

The mods are installed straight from the Steam Workshop. To use the modifications in the game, you must restart your server after activation.

Basic questions / FAQs

How do I connect to a Conan server?

Here, we provide an overview of how you can connect to your own Conan Exiles server.

Connect via Steam

You can connect to your Conan Exiles server via Steam in just 6 steps. We recommend this method to PC players.

  1. Open Steam and click on “Show
  2. Click on “Server
  3. Navigate to “Favorites” and right mouse click in the empty field
  4. Enter your server’s IP and query port (ends with “15”)
  5. Update Favorites
  6. Double click on the new entry and connect

Detailed explanation on how to connect to the server

To do this, open Steam and click on “Display” in the upper area and then on “Server”. In the newly opened window, navigate to “Favorites” and right-click in the empty box. Add your server’s IP and query port here. You can find them in the server overview in the GPORTAL web interface.

NoteEnter the query port here. This always ends with “15” instead of “00”.

Once you have entered the IP and query port, confirm your entry with “OK” and click on “Update”. Your server should then appear in the list and you can connect directly to the server by double-clicking it.

You only need to do this once. After successfully adding the server, you will also find it in the server browser. To find the server in the game, select “Favorites” in the server browser.

Is Cross-play/cross-travel possible?

There is no cross-play or cross-travel function with Conan Exiles.
This means PC players cannot play together with Xbox or PS4 players on a server.