Here you will find a small list of the most frequently asked questions about our private servers. If your question is not answered, please feel free to send us a message.
  • What is GPCloud?

    GPCloud (short: GPC) is aimed at DevOps who want to deploy in a very short time via our panel or via API server in various regions. The focus is on usability, specially designed for DevOps, so that the administration of a few servers up to thousands of servers can be carried out quickly and easily.

    In addition, we focus on making the infrastructure developed bespoke for gaming over the past 20 years accessible to everyone who wants to deploy their game in such an environment in order to provide their customers with the best possible gaming experience.

  • What are the benefits of GPC compared to Amazon AWS or other Hyperscaler?

    Oh gosh, where shall we start? It’s hard to compare GPC to Amazon AWS or other hyperscalers, but we’ll try anyway. GPC relies on a bare metal infrastructure. No VMs, no additional software layer, no noisy neighbours who just steal your CPU time.

    With us, everyone gets what they pay for, completely transparent, in over 15 locations worldwide with a real low-latency network environment that has been designed precisely for gaming in more than 20 years.

  • Why is GPC so efficient compared to others?

    We rely on technology. From construction to maintenance and monitoring, everything is 100% automated. We have already been able to manage, monitor and operate more than ten thousand hardware systems with our GPortal label. We are now passing this technology on to you with GPCloud.

  • GPC offers both hourly and monthly plans for all servers, is there a method that moves hourly systems onto monthly if that benefits me costs wise?

    Yes there is. We offer a service that you can individually design yourself, in which the baseload of your hardware park changes into a monthly plan, even if you have chosen hourly at the beginning, which automatically reduces the costs, even retrospectively for the hours already booked, should the monthly plan be cheaper than the hourly one.

    The fact is, many people lose track of their costs and which servers are running for how long. That is why we offer this cost control for you so that in the end you only pay for what you have used. In gaming you never can’t entirely predict the success of your game. So it’s important to be as flexible as possible, that’s what we can offer.

  • What is Bulwark (Gaming DDoS Protection) and will it be available to GPC products?

    Bulwark is a self developed bespoke for Gaming DDoS protection, that will solve all your DDoS Problems once and for all. There is a own section on this page describing how Bulwark operates. (please find further information here).

    Bulwark will be available free of charge to all our GPC products, meaning, you can turn it on or off on your behalf for a project or a single node. This can also be done spontaneously through API.

  • We need specific configuration in terms of CPU, memory and storage, but I can’t find it on this website, are you still able to host us?

    Of course we can. Simply submit us your desired configuration and we will plan individually a product just for you and your needs. Please get in touch with us.

  • Are there any minimum terms when it comes to server rental?

    No, simply register to our GPC panel, add a payment method and rent out servers. Hourly or monthly, you always pay as you go.

  • Do I have to pay upfront?

    No. We can’t bill you for something that has yet not been served, right? So after you terminate all your server or a month ends, you will receive an invoice for your rented products.

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