Bulwark’s idea arose when we looked at tens of different DDOS solutions on the market. We tested them all, onsite in one of our data centers, and we had to make compromises again and again. Either in the logic of the mitigation of DDoS attacks, or in their detection. Then there were those who couldn’t intervene quickly enough to stop the attack, it was just desperate.

There was simply no solution, regardless of the money for which it could successfully block attacks. In addition, it was the same pattern every time. An attack came in, the game server went down, or the players on the host could no longer play properly and voluntarily disconnect at the end. We had to analyze every single attack and adjust our filter rules. An eternal game of cat and mouse with dissimilar weapons. 

Out of this need, Bulwark emerged in the end. We were looking for a solution that automatically recognizes real players and classifies them as such before a package even comes near the game server. Only when it was established that this is actually a real player would the client be allowed to talk to the server and then only within fixed parameters with fixed thresholds that can not be exceeded by any means. 

Bulwark, once and for all, put an end to all of your DDoS problems – Roberto Omezzolli, CEO

The most important thing about the solution, however, is that no studio or publisher has to provide any developer resources to integrate any SDK at all. The benefits are at hands, meaning no maintenance or adjustments when you upgrade your engine to a new version.

It must be ensured that even smaller studios without much knowledge of netcodes etc. should be able to use this solution.That is why we have chosen a different approach for Bulwark in order to be able to carry out the client / server authentication. It just has to be agnostically usable and we think that we succeeded in doing this impressively with Bulwark. 

It is already in productive use, although this is still an early stage of the product. That is why we are currently giving Bulwark to our customers free of charge in connection with our GPCloud. In addition, Bulwark is also developing in the direction of a cloud solution, so that in the end we don’t care where exactly your servers are, whether with us or a 3rd party provider. We can also clean your gaming traffic from unwanted attacks anywhere around the globe.

If you are interested in getting rid of malicious traffic harming the success of your game, while you can focus on the development of your game and create better content rather than being distracted by DDoS Attacks then you should get in touch with us immediately.

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