Senior DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)


At GPORTAL, our vision is to provide individual and easy-to-use online gaming experiences to the world. We believe in offering more than just servers like any other hosting company. For over 20 years, we have been bringing virtual worlds into everyone’s home with just a few clicks. Our mission is to enable experts and beginners alike to play their favourite games together with their friends. From Palword and Minecraft to Battlefield and CS:GO, we provide a wide variety of around 100 different multiplayer games from all genres.


Your creative field:

As our new DevOps Engineer at GPCORE, you will be an integral part of our agile development team. You will play a crucial role in the design, further development, and optimization of our bare metal cloud platform, which is specifically tailored to the requirements of our B2B customers, especially game developers.

Become part of an enthusiastic team and work closely with the development team to implement and continuously improve automated CI/CD pipelines. This will ensure the efficient provision and updating of our cloud services.

You will also be responsible for the management, scaling and monitoring of our bare-metal cloud infrastructure based on OpenShift/Kubernetes. You will strive for high availability, performance, and security of our services. Your expertise in the areas of optimization and troubleshooting is also required. You will proactively identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, security gaps and other infrastructural challenges. Through continuous optimization and troubleshooting, you will ensure a reliable and efficient cloud environment.

We don’t need an old-school admin, but a creative mind who actively contributes to the further development of our platform by introducing new technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions. Your expertise in Golang, CI/CD, cloud technologies and automation tools such as Ansible is also crucial.

All in all, you will be responsible for the automation of all DevOps tasks to integrate new hardware into our B2B platform. And you will also achieve satisfactory technical results through 2nd level support for our B2B customers.

We will also give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new technologies and support you in your professional development through intensive induction and training opportunities.


Ideally, you would have:

  • A passion for gaming and the desire to learn new things and familiarize yourself with new games
  • Sound programming skills in Golang to develop efficient and maintainable applications
  • Comprehensive know-how in the administration and troubleshooting of Linux and Windows-based systems
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab or comparable tools as well as knowledge in the administration and optimization of relational database management with Postgres and/or CockroachDB
  • Relevant professional experience in deploying applications, debugging and managing a cluster in OpenShift and/or Kubernetes environments
  • Good knowledge of automating configuration management and orchestration of infrastructures with Ansible

If this job offer has sparked your interest, please do reach out to us, even if you only meet some of the requirements. We’d love to get to know each other!


What We offer in return:

  • A lot of different technical challenges spanning a very wide range of topics
  • Personal development and growing as a team through collaborative teaching and learning
  • Interesting colleagues with a lot of combined experience who are friendly, open minded and are always willing to help you out
  • Workshops and company events where we all get together for a week somewhere 3-5 times per year, paid for by the company of course.
  • the possibility of working in our summer office in Mallorca, as well as from any EU country
  • an extra day off to get involved in social activities as part of our Volunteer Day
  • attractive conditions on many products and services through our corporate benefits program
  • Most people here claim we also have fun, though that is not mandatory

Join GPORTAL today and help us shape the future of online gaming experiences!


Location: Flexible (Full Remote Germany, UK, Czech Republic)

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