Are you ready for the Valheim Ashlands? Background

Are you ready for the Valheim Ashlands?

May 17, 2024
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The year 2024 seems to be synonymous with all kinds of surprising and gigantic updates. Valheim is no exception and has just released the big Ashlands update without much warning. We take a look at the update in the GPORTAL blog.

Keep your head cool, it's getting hot

Patch 0.218.15 has a lot in store for us in Valheim. There's an incredible amount of new things to discover, including weapons, armor, hostile and nasty creatures, building options and, of course, the Ashlands. The new biome is THE thing right now and has plenty of surprises and, above all, challenges in store.

The Ashlands are located in the deep south of the map and are surrounded by water. This means that you have to use a ship to reach the new biome. However, not just any ship will do, as the water near the Ashlands is boiling hot and will destroy any watercraft in seconds. The new update coincidentally introduces a new ship called the Drakkar, which can withstand the hot waters of the Ashlands and is therefore the best choice for crossing the seas to the Ashlands.

How to craft the new Valheim Drakkar ship

If you've already spent a few hours in Valheim, you'll be pretty familiar with the bosses so far. In the Mistlands you will find the boss called The Queen, who previously dropped an item called “QueenDrop” and was a placeholder. This will change with the new Valheim update and the new name of the item is Majestic Carapace. You will need this to upgrade the Artisan Table to the Artisan Press. You will also need these resources:

  • 5x Black Marble
  • 5x Bronze
  • (1x Majestic Carapace)

You can then use the Artisan Press to produce ceramic plates, which are needed for the new Valheim Drakkar ship. To produce 5 ceramic plates, you need 5x Black Marble. You will then need the following items to build the Drakkar ship:

  • 100x Iron Nails
  • 50x Fine Wood
  • 30x Ceramic Plates
  • 25x Yggdrasil Wood


The Valheim Ashlands are not for the faint-hearted

With the Ashlands, The Fun Pimps have brought a biome to life that is reminiscent of Endgame and, above all, demands a great deal of endurance, courage and strength from you. In addition to numerous new weapons, construction items and other items, there are also some previously unknown enemies and even a new boss who don't feel like visiting and will definitely let you know it. So you should be aware that the Ashlands are not only visually impressive, the population of nasty creatures is also a big deal. So it can also happen that you are greeted by a huge mob on your first visit to the Ashlands and die quickly.


All new enemies in the Ashlands will meet you either singly or in groups. Whether in the new and huge fortresses, which can be clearly seen with a green beam, or blobs that rise out of the lava and explode as soon as you approach - there are some unpleasant surprises waiting for you and making your life more difficult. This all suggests a lot of unpleasantness, but despite all the danger, we should also appreciate the visuals and impressions of the new enemies, the new boss and, of course, the important items for you as a player. With the new weapons and the battering ram, for example, you get a lot of support - and of course there is also a lot of new loot to discover and new recipes that promise further variety.


Other new features of the Ashlands update

  • Mini-boss in the form of a skeleton with an impressive sword
  • Numerous new enemies of different types
  • Buildings can now catch fire, which also spreads
  • In the settings under World Modifier you can set that everything can catch fire, even outside the Ashlands
  • It can now rain fire (glowing ash)
  • New force field to protect your buildings from fire rain
  • New weapons with all kinds of special effects such as sparks and flames
  • Many more items for building new bases
  • The Feather Cape has been given better stats: you can now jump higher and, above all, longer with it, as the jump stamina has been increased
  • A new Flametal Ore can be mined in the Ashlands on small stone towers, but be careful and quick, as they will eventually disappear in the scorching hot lava
  • Dark red Ashvines can be planted on walls and climb up them after a while
  • New mount called Asksvin. Primarily a new enemy, but can also be tamed and then used as a mount. Asksvin can walk over lava, which makes the trips through the Ashlands very entertaining

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