About the ARK Explorer Notes Background

About the ARK Explorer Notes

March 28, 2023
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The Explorer Notes in ARK: Survival Evolved are old notes from previous survivors, such as Helena. In the notes you will find a lot of information about past events and the history of ARK.

Explorer Notes

The Explorer Notes range from Dino Dossiers to notes that have been informatively populated by explorers and survivors in a diary-like way to tell the story behind the ARK.

Different types of Explorer Notes

  • Creature Dossiers: helpful notes about almost every single creature on the island - written by Australian explorer Helena. The creature dossiers can only be found on the map where the creature spawns.
  • Boss Dossiers: Similar to the creature dossiers, but you will only get them after you have killed the corresponding boss.
  • Records: Notes penned by the chemist Sir Edmund Rockwell, recounting his experiences on the island and including some of his recipes.
  • Journals: Notes written by graduate students Emilia, Sky, Trent, Boris and Rusty that talk about their experiences in Aberration.
  • Logs: Records containing information about Santiago's, Diana's, and other's experiences with the ARKs.
  • Notes: are written by several authors, including: Mei Yin - an ancient Chinese warrior, Gaius Marcellus Nerva - his hunger for power is his greatest strength, John Dahkeya - a criminal from the Wild West, and HLN-A - philosophizing about the discoveries of survivors wearing the Mini HLNA skin.

Locations of the Explorer Notes

The notes are distributed as collectibles all over the island. They are collected as soon as you walk or fly over them. You can find them on the following maps:

  • The Island
  • Scorched Earth
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Genesis: Part 1
  • and Genesis: Part 2


More info about the Explorer Notes

To find all explorer notes and to understand the whole story behind the ARK, you have to play on some maps. The best way to do this is to start on The Island and then go chronologically through all the other locations of the notes.

With each additional note you find, you will gain more knowledge about the ARK and how the world itself works. Also, the notes have answers for you to any questions or things that don't make sense at first glance.

After picking up and reading the Notes, you will receive an XP boost for about 10 minutes and an additional 100 XP. If you read several Notes in a row, the XP boost time will add up. This feature is useful for you if you plan to attack a large creature to get a good XP boost.

Likewise, you can also use the XP boost for the mount you are currently actively using. All you have to do is sit on the mount and run across the note with it and read it for the boost to become active for you and the mount. However, if you die or use fast travel, the boost will cancel and be lost. Once you have collected and read all the Explorer Notes that exist in ARK: Survival Evolved, you will receive ten additional levels for your character.

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