Spooky Minecraft Witches Background

Spooky Minecraft Witches

July 18, 2023
3 minutes to read

In the vast and mysterious world of Minecraft, players encounter a wide range of creatures and challenges. One such creepy opponent is the Minecraft witch.

Conquering the Minecraft Witch

With its potent potions and bewitching powers, the mob poses a unique threat. Here, we’ll give you some strategies on how to find the Minecraft witch, defeat her and loot her treasures. We’ll also visit the infamous Minecraft witch hut. So buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.

How to Find a Minecraft Witch Hut

To begin your quest against the Minecraft witch, you must find her mysterious whereabouts. You can of course just wander around until you find a Minecraft witch hut. But guess what? Minecraft witch huts can often be found in swamp biomes. They tend to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment, making them pretty hard to spot. After you find a Minecraft witch hut, you must approach it, of course. Because the Minecraft witch is a strong opponent, you have to be sure to protect yourself. So grab your armor, weapons, and potions to enhance your chances of surviving. Now the fun may begin! Oh, and just because you see a Minecraft witch does not mean there is a hut nearby. Actually, it could have just been a nice innocent villager that was hit by lightning and turned into an MC witch. Sad, yeah, but such things happen in Minecraft.

How to Defeat a Minecraft Witch – Fight!

Now let’s finally get to the exciting things: the confrontation and defeat of the spooky Minecraft witch. You can run into battle, your war cry bursting through the swamp or you can try to be at least a bit strategic. Here are some tips to get you ready to fight the Minecraft witch:

  1. she has many potions & will try to use them on you
  2. avoid her attacks & attack with well-timed strikes yourself
  3. use a shield to block her ranged assaults
  4. to defeat the Mc witch: use a combination of ranged weaponry and melee attacks
  5. bows and arrows are very effective for dealing damage

To deal even more damage, try enchanting your weapons with enchantments like sharpness. So yeah, a trip to an enchantment table is worth it. You want to be even more damage resistant? Enchant your armor too! There are some pretty useful ones like protection. If you’re unsure, check out our blog about the best enchantments in Minecraft!

Reaping the Rewards of the MC Witch

Finally, you did it! You defeated the Minecraft witch! At least we hope you did but let’s stay optimistic, okay? Now, it is time to revel in the spoils of your victory. You deserve it! Sure, it’s not that much, but at least it wasn’t for nothing. The Minecraft witch commonly drops quite valuable loot upon defeat, including items like:

  1. glowstone dust
  2. redstone dust
  3. sugar
  4. sticks
  5. glass bottles
  6. fermented spider eyes

These items are essential for brewing your own potions and creating various contraptions. But that’s not everything. Because of the fact that you defeated the MC witch and you collected all her loot, you can now explore the Minecraft witch hut without being disturbed by some annoying resident who complains about you not being invited. Feel free to roam and sneak into every corner. The Minecraft witch hut often contains hidden chests, which may hold additional treasures, such as rare ingredients, enchanted books or even diamonds. Do not overlook any nook or cranny, as hidden surprises may await you. And maybe, just maybe, you will meet a cute little black cat along the way. So make sure to carry some raw fish. Just in case.


Conquering the Minecraft witch is no small feat, but with careful preparation, awesome combat skills and perseverance you will be victorious. From a treacherous battle to rewarding drops and the secrets within the Minecraft witch hut, this journey is full of excitement. Now you’re probably really excited, right? If that’s the case, grab some friends for a nice multiplayer adventure and hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. Off you go! Your fight against the Minecraft witch awaits you. Have fun and good luck!