Net Gun, Rocket Launcher & Co. - ARK Weapons Guide Background

Net Gun, Rocket Launcher & Co. - ARK Weapons Guide

February 21, 2023
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For a real survival game you need of course some weapons and defense. In ARK: Survival Evolved there are many different melee and ranged weapons and other helpful utensils. We'll introduce you to some of the many weapons so that you have a good overview of which ones best fit your needs.

Weapons overview

Ranged weapons - bow, crossbow & co.

Ranged weapons are a good way to take out your first enemies, especially in the beginning, without running much risk of being attacked. An overview of some ranged weapons:

  • Slingshot: The slingshot is one of the most popular beginner weapons in ARK. Few resources and low level required and the ammunition is simply stones.
  • Crossbow: The crossbow is made and repaired in the forge and can also be fired underwater - ideal for the Megalodon, for example. Arrows are the crossbow's ammunition and it deals higher damage than the bow.
  • Bow: The bow cannot be fired underwater. Just like the crossbow, the bow also uses arrows as ammunition. Both can fire stun arrows and therefore incapacitate enemies.

ARK Taming Slingshot Screenshot

Melee weapons - Spear, Pike, Sword & Co.

  • Spear: Like the slingshot, the spear is also one of the most popular beginner weapons in ARK: Survival Evolved. Due to the throw, it can be classified in the middle between melee and ranged combat, but be careful, the spear can break when used.
  • Pike: The Pike is a better version of the Spear, but cannot be thrown. Almost double the damage and better durability make it able to survive many more fights. Can only be crafted and repaired in the forge.
  • Wooden club: The literal beginner's weapon inflicts little damage, but at the same time can freeze the enemy.
  • Sword: The sword is a flexible weapon that can deal a lot of damage quickly. Can be carried together on the side of a shield.


Firearms - Longneck Rifle, Flamethrower & Co.

  • Revolver: The pistol, or revolver, is one of the first firearms you'll have access to. Although it has less damage than a bow, it can fire several shots before you have to reload.
  • Longneck Rifle: the rifle has the highest damage per shot in the game, but unfortunately it also has some disadvantages. The sight blurs when using a scope attachment, but this can be reduced by lying down and crouching. The scope cannot be used with arrows and is automatically removed once the shotgun is loaded with arrows. Reloading is required after only one shot, and reloading takes quite a long time.
  • Shotgun: A close combat alternative to the shotgun. While not nearly as accurate and has a very short range, it can fire two shots before needing to reload thanks to its two barrels. Superior to the shotgun in close combat, but useless at range.
  • Flamethrower: Exclusive to Scorched Earth and can wipe out entire groups of enemies. Made with the Fabricator.


Other Weapons - Harpoon Slinger, Rocket Launcher, Minigun & Co.

  • Bola: With the Bola you can hold players and wild creatures for up to 30 seconds. The pinned creature or player can no longer move, but human opponents are forced into a prone position and can still fire weapons and jump.
  • Stun Gun: Can instantly incapacitate small creatures and enemies not wearing Riot armor. The stun gun breaks once you have used it. Made in the Fabricator and can be repaired there as well.
  • Harpoon Slinger: Ideal for underwater combat, but not really useful on land since the projectiles can't fly far. Can be loaded with spear and stun bolts and is created in a forge. However, the required polymer is made in the Fabricator. Another ammunition in Genesis: Part 2 are the net projectiles. These are fired and capture your target completely.
  • Rocket Launcher: One of the most expensive weapons you can craft in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can fire rocket grenades with it and it has a small recoil. It is made in the Fabricator.
  • Minigun: Is a weapon in Genesis: Part 2, the Minigun can fire extremely fast at its target and must be charged to fire. However, can quickly overheat if used excessively.
  • Tek Sword: Only available on Extinction and Ragnarok, but one of the strongest and most versatile melee weapons in the game. Made with a Tek Replicator once you unlock Tekgrams. Can be carried along with shields of any kind and if it is elementalized, it can cut through metal, armor, and Tek structures.

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