Bees in Minecraft Background

Bees in Minecraft

January 9, 2023
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Even though Minecraft bees aren't quite as crucial to our ecosystems as real-life specimens, they can be exceedingly useful.

Minecraft bees

The Minecraft bee is an exceedingly interactive floral friend that allows you to build a hive and harvest honey and honeycomb blocks, among other things. Here you'll learn everything there is to know about bees in Minecraft.

Minecraft Bees: Appearance, occurrence and behavior

Minecraft bees are about 2/3 the size of an ordinary block and mostly float around in the air. With their yellow-brown striped texture, antennae, wings and six little legs, they are easy to spot.
Bees in Minecraft are found in the biomes of plains, forest and especially flower forest. They seek out flowers, collect their pollen (which can also be found as white dots on their rumps), pollinate the environment (acting like bone meal on plants) and produce honey in their nest.

Bees in Minecraft are neutral unless:

  • You attack them
  • You dismantle their bee nest
  • You harvest their honey

If the bees attack, they sting the player with a backward roll. The bee attack also activates other bees within a twenty-block radius, and you'll be surrounded and attacked by a swarm of bees with red eyes in no time.
A single bee sting causes only minor damage and mild poisoning (about 3.5 hearts). With the attack, the Minecraft bee loses its stinger, can no longer become aggressive, and dies after about 35 seconds.

Minecraft Bee Nest & Bee Hive

Bee fans in Minecraft know that there are two places where Minecraft bees can live: the bee nest and the hive. The main difference is really that a nest occurs naturally, while you have to craft the hive. If you are about to create your own honey farm, it is worth taking a quick look at the habits of Minecraft bees.

Most of the time, three bees stay in an area of about eight blocks around their nest, which usually hangs on a tree. Pollen is collected in the bees' nest, and over time it is processed into honey and honeycomb. The beehive works in a similar way, only it is located on the ground. If the existing bee nests are not enough for you, because you diligently breed Minecraft bees, it is a good idea to craft yourself some beehives.

Minecraft hive recipe
1x hive = 3x honeycombs (center) + 6x wooden boards (top and bottom)

Minecraft Bee Hive: Harvesting and Mating

Now that you've built your own hive, the bees can move in. You can either lure them in with a flower in your hand or just drag them directly to the hive with a lead. Bees will recognize the new hive within a radius of 5 blocks and assign themselves to it. Each Minecraft hive has room for three bees. Now the happy honey production can begin!

Minecraft honey is not the only item you can get from a hive or a bee nest. Have you ever wondered what those funny honeycombs are that you need to build a beehive? That's exactly what you'll get at harvest time! Of course, we'll tell you exactly how it works and what to look out for, so don't worry, you won't get stung by a little Minecraft bee!

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Minecraft honeycombs are extremely useful! Besides hives for your countless Minecraft bees, you can also use them to make candles or decorative honeycomb blocks. Not to mention: You can use them to wax metallic blocks so they don't oxidate. That's pretty handy, isn't it? Still, you have to be careful when harvesting to avoid being attacked by angry bees! They don't like it when you steal from them.

Here's how to get honeycomb in Minecraft step by step:

  1. Find a bee nest with the highest filling level
    -> Honey is dripping out & the two small "windows" at the nest are golden/filled
  2. Place a campfire under the bee nest
    -> Lets the bees stay peaceful
    -> A moss carpet above it protects the Minecraft bees from getting burned
  3. Take scissors & right click on the nest
  4. You have Minecraft honeycomb in your inventory!

How to Get Minecraft Honey

Minecraft honey can be transported in the form of honey bottles and is quite useful. Bottled honey in a glass bottle replenishes 6 hunger points and 9.6 satiety points. Four honey bottles can be used to make a sticky honey block that reduces fall damage. And very importantly, honey bottles also remove poisoning when you drink them! Minecraft honey is just as easy to harvest as Minecraft honeycomb:

  1. Find a bee nest & soothe the bees
  2. Take an empty glass bottle & right click on the nest
  3. You have Minecraft honey in your inventory!

Minecraft Bees: Mating

Of course, to make your harvest rich, it pays off to mate Minecraft bees often. The more working bees, the more sticky honey or useful Minecraft honeycombs! To mate bees, you need two bees and flowers. You just have to hold the flower in your hand for the bees to follow you. Once you have two together, you give both bees a flower and the mating season begins! Shortly after, a baby bee will appear

More tips about bees in Minecraft

  1. When it rains, the bees keep less distance from the bee nest or hive.
  2. With a "Silk touch" enchantment, the Minecraft bee nests and bee hive can be dismantled and placed together with the bees.
  3. Beehives or nests can also be used as fuel in the Furnace. They last for 1.5 firings.
  4. Bees that die, drop 1-3 experience points.
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