Palworld - Enough with the cute Background

Palworld - Enough with the cute

January 23, 2024
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The absolute mega gaming hit called Palworld is currently here to stay and is breaking several records. Palworld has already sold over 6 million copies and of course we won't leave you hanging, offering you the right server and all kinds of information about the flashy battle game.

A wild mix of well-known games

Once you have created your character and customized it to your liking, you start in a huge open world reminiscent of another game with cute little collectible creatures. But the first impression is deceptive, because Palworld is not really designed for cuteness and the main focus in the game is more on collecting, crafting and fighting.

Once you have taken your first steps in the seemingly friendly and bright world, you won't have to wait long for your first contact with wild Pals. Pals are the wild creatures that are essential to Palworld and give the game its life. When you hover over them, you are given initial information such as the name of the Pal, its level, gender and what type of Pal it is. Does all this remind you of another very popular game from Japan? However, you will soon realize that only the visuals are similar.


Collecting resources and crafting tools

Before you can catch your first Pal, you first have to do a few other things. The best way to do this is to use the tutorial provided, which appears in the top right-hand corner of your HUD as soon as you start in Palworld, or you can (additionally) take a look at the Survival Guide in the menu under Options. In the Survival Guide you will find 41 pages that tell you all sorts of things about Palworld and its Pals and is therefore not to be sneezed at.

Your first resources will probably consist of wood, stone, fibers and paldium fragments. You can mine all of these with your bare fists to begin with, but your character will have a stamina meter, which is displayed in a white semicircle when you use it. Be aware that every punch, every jump and every sprint consumes an enormous amount of stamina, especially at the beginning. Wood, stones and paldium fragments can not only be obtained from rocks and trees, you will also discover individual resources on the ground in the world of Palworld and should always collect them.

The first thing you should build is a primitive workbench, where you can produce further items after you have unlocked them in the menu under Technology. To start with, a weapon, axe, pickaxe and possibly a shield are particularly important in order to be better equipped for your first battles. With the stone axe, which you can produce with 5x stone and 5x wood, you will obtain wood and fibers from trees faster and more efficiently. The same naturally applies to the stone pickaxe, which you can also craft with 5x wood and 5x stone, as it makes it easier to mine stone and paldium fragments.

Catch your first Pals and make them work for you

Yes, you read that right. A really great feature of Palworld is that you can make captured Pals work for you, some would call it slavery, but we prefer to take it positively and enjoy the fact that our little friends are happy to help and assist us.

Once you have assembled your first simple equipment, it's really time to stop doing all the work yourself. In the technology menu, you can unlock the Pal Sphere with technology points. Now you need to go to your workbench and produce one or more Pal Spheres. You will need 5x stone, 5x wood and 1x paldium fragment for one Pal Sphere. It is of course very expensive to produce several Pal Spheres at first, but as soon as you have automated your first jobs using Pals, you will quickly be able to build up a good supply.

Now go armed in search of one or more Pals that you would like to have in your team. Make sure that they are still at a fairly low level, as you will be amazed at the attacks some of them have. Now attack the Pal of your choice and weaken it until it is about to die and throw the Pal Sphere at it using the "Q" key. While aiming with the Pal Sphere, you will also be given information such as the capture probability of the Pal and whether it is a new Pal in your collection. The higher the capture probability, the higher the chance that it will not be able to escape from the Pal Sphere.

All Pals that you have caught will then be visible in the menu under Team and for each individual Pal you will receive an overview in the Paldex that tells you the location of the Pal at night and day, its statistics and so on. In the team tab, you can then see what skills and aptitudes the Pals have. This is particularly important so that you know which Pal you can use at which station or job. In the beginning, of course, skills such as logging, mining or gathering are important, but as the game progresses, there are more and more statistics that you should pay attention to.


Camp, base building and pal breeding

To store your Pals, resources and all other important items, you need to build a Palbox to mark the center of your camp. You can now build everything you need and want within the perimeter marked in blue. Set up fields to grow berries, build campfires for warmth and to cook your first meals or use your time to create the start of your first base.

Use 2x wood to build a so-called wooden construction set and use it to erect walls, stairs, foundations and roofs. Of course, other things are also important in Palworld, but you should not neglect a good base, because you need a roof over your head just to sleep in your bed. Your Pals also need a bed for themselves so that they can rest well at night after their work is done. A first bed for you costs 20x wood, 5x fiber and 1x wool - you can farm wool from Pals such as the Lamball, which is a sheep. In addition to berries as your first and easy-to-obtain food, you can also get meat from Pals if you attack and kill them.

Eat pals, catch them, use them as fighting machines or even breed them - there's a lot you can do in Palworld. If you find Pals with impressive abilities as the game progresses, you can catch them and put them in a breeding farm with another strong Pal (male and female, of course) and, with a bit of luck, create new Pals that are incredibly strong and have abilities that are a great help to you either in battle, when traveling or at work.


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