Sons of the Forest Guide: Building Part 1 Background

Sons of the Forest Guide: Building Part 1

August 4, 2023
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Yes, Sons of the Forest is of course primarily a horror-survival game and of course the fight against enemy creatures and the search for helpful items and food are in the foreground. But since Sons of the Forest got a reworked building system and allows more possibilities than in The Forest, we would like to take a look at it together with you in our Building Guide Part 1.

The best place for your base

First of all it is very important to find a suitable place on the island where you want to build your base. This can take up to two days, while you can store and sleep in a shelter made of a plane or logs and stones. During your first time on the island, you should collect everything you can find and look for tools that will make it easier for you to proceed.

If you build a shelter out of logs and stones, you can leave it there and remember the approximate location or you can build a simple shelter out of a plane and one or two sticks and mark this place on the map, because this is very handy when you plan a bigger exploration tour on the island and have points where you can save and spend the night.

A good place for your base is one thing above all: surrounded by many resources like water, trees and small animals. We chose a place by the lake, surrounded by several rivers and in close range to the forest. However, it is important to know that a lake freezes over during winter and therefore offers more attack surface from all sorts of hostile creatures.


Preparation is important

Since you will need a lot of logs to build a base or even a big house, it is very advisable to first place some collectors near your construction site and resources. First, collect some sticks yourself to be able to set up a collector for just these and fill it up. Then use the sticks to build more containers for logs, stones and rocks. After that, it is best to use Kelvin and send him off in search of sticks - to do this, press "Get -> Sticks and -> Fill collector" on the notepad. Kelvin will now run and collect sticks until you cancel the task or he completes it. While Kelvin is on the way, you can already use the time to cut down the first logs nearby and place them.


Note: when you cut trees, they always fall in the direction you are looking and if you ask Kelvin to collect them, do not cut trees too far away, because Kelvin cannot easily cross rivers and otherwise walks very long distances. How Kelvin can help you and what you need to know about your companion, you can read here in our Sons of the Forest Kelvin Blog. It is also important that you keep some distance when the tree is falling, so that you do not receive any damage from the falling logs.

First steps of building

Once the collectors are set up and well filled, you can continue to send Kelvin out in search of logs during your first building steps to get supplies. Ideally, you should find an area at your construction site that is reasonably flat, otherwise it may be difficult to expand your base or place logs properly. We would always advise placing your base on a raised area of logs so that enemies cannot get right up to you.

Ram your first log into the ground and go from there, in a square shape, building the foundation of your base step by step. Once you have placed the first log, you can place more logs from there, which will be shown on the ground as a white circle with a dotted line, so that they dock perfectly. Once the base is in place, it is time to add the second floor and a ramp or stairs to the top and reinforce the wooden pillars, ideally with rocks, so that they are better protected from attacks.

Note: once you have built up and want to take out logs, half logs or stones again, you have to hold down "C" and can therefore remove everything and build up again.

Walls, floor, roof and stairs

Once the cornerstones are in place, it is time to build the outer walls. To do this, you must place whole tree logs between two other standing logs. Once you have the outer wall complete, the next step should be to place supporting pillars inside your base, just as you did with the foundation, in a square. If this step is also done, you now have to close your roof. For this, you take whole logs and hold them upwards and the game will show you with moving arrows how they are placed, a single right click will make the laying direction change.

Hint: there is usually a small gap when building a roof or a staircase. The game offers you the possibility to place only one half of a trunk, but then your character usually throws the other half quite far away and to prevent this, you can simply put the log on the floor with "G" and then split it into two pieces with the axe.

Now of course you need a way up to your base, for this you can choose between ramp or stairs. Get logs and hold them at the pillars where you want the door to be placed - an arrow will appear pointing diagonally downwards, click once and the log will be placed diagonally downwards at the pillar. If you have placed two logs, you can now set a ramp with halves, as with the roof, or switch to the stairs function with a single right-click; wavy arrows will appear there.

Note: for the beginning it is sufficient to build a small base with one floor, because you have to remember that winter is coming soon and you still need food, because it is more difficult to get it in winter.

Doors, windows and patio

You can easily cut a door into a complete wall. Use your axe for this and hold it against the wall, you will now be shown that you can cut out the middle from a log - you do this the complete wall from top to bottom and then you can insert a door with vertical half logs.

As with the door, it also works with windows. You hold the axe to the wall where you want the window and cut out the middle of the logs here too, but not completely of course. Once you have the windows in, you can use half log quarters to put shutters in and thereby close your windows. The door, by the way, can be opened and closed with a simple stick, but that does not offer a lot of protection from enemies who feel like kicking down your door.

A patio is practical as a lookout point and storage option. For this you first have to build a substructure and then lay the ground and the outer walls - depending on the size, you can also place supporting pillars in the middle. Again, for starters, a 1x2 terrace is quite enough.

Support substructure and pillars with wood and stone

As mentioned above, it is important to strengthen the wooden pillars with rocks or wood. To do this, take rocks or half logs and place them diagonally at an upper corner, you will then see a curved arrow pointing upwards and your construction will be able to withstand more. In the building instructions you will find instructions on how to strengthen wooden pillars and then take out redundant pillars - this is especially useful for larger buildings inside, so you do not get stuck all the time.

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