Sons of the Forest Patch 08: what's inside Background

Sons of the Forest Patch 08: what's inside

July 26, 2023
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Released at the beginning of the year and available on dedicated servers for almost a month now, the horror-survival game Sons of the Forest is still being provided with proper updates and fixes by the developers. The latest patch 08 came out just a few days ago and we show you what's inside.

More features and functions

Thanks to the new patch 08 for Sons of the Forest, Virginia and Kelvin can now swim when they enter water that is deep enough - crossing smaller rivers so that Kelvin can bring you logs from the neighboring island, for example, still does not work, though.

Not only can up to 4 players ride in the golf carts at the same time, but also lights are now part of the equipment, so that you can see in the dark where you are going with the golf cart and do not constantly drive in front of trees or get stuck somewhere else.

Also new are electric fences wrapped in wire that can keep your opponents from charging right into your base, as the electric shocks provide sublime respect for you, but make sure you do not run into the fences yourself. For the electric fence, build a very simple fence out of sticks and then wrap the wire around it in the direction of the arrow. From now on you can also place the wires flexibly, this is indicated by a white circle.


To match the electric fences, there is also a brand new trap called the Hokey-Pokey trap for defense, and it takes no joke at all. The spike ball is similar to a morning star, and the trap behaves just as stunningly: if an enemy (or yourself, beware!) runs past the trap, it triggers and slowly swings the spike ball towards the enemy, potentially severing limbs or killing with one punch. The spike ball swings out slowly, hitting any creatures that come near it - sounds like fun? It's fun to watch, too.


GPS trackers could previously only be found in certain locations, but since patch 08 you have the option to print the parts for them in the 3D printer and then make them yourself in the inventory. Of course, this is especially handy because you can not only track Virginia with the GPS trackers, but you can also mark interesting places this way.


More features at a glance

  • If you find radios in abandoned camps or bases, you can now carry and play them
  • There is now the option of the game setting that you find less ammunition, so you can turn up the difficulty again
  • A new and familiar enemy has been added that keeps popping up once you have completed the end game
  • Video with new footage can be found
  • New voice announcements in some bunkers
  • Defensive walls can now withstand 4x as much damage as before
  • Fewer attacks by enemy groups the more enemies you kill, and the attacks become more frequent over time as long as you do not continue eliminating them
  • The health of glowing puffies has been reduced
  • If you are hunting moose, you should be careful, because they can now kick after you
  • Window shutters now have an animation when opening and closing them
  • Other fixes and problem solving

For the full description of what's new in patch 08, you can simply go to the Steam page of Sons of the Forest and take a look at the patch notes under news.

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