Sons of the Forest Patch 15 Background

Sons of the Forest Patch 15

January 16, 2024
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We can announce with one crying and one laughing eye that this is most likely the last update for the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest. However, this also means that the game will be officially released in February 2024 and we are more than excited to see what Endnight Games has in store. Now let's take a closer look at Patch 15 on the GPORTAL blog.

For a quick refresher on the latest patches, you can head here to the GPORTAL Blog for Sons of the Forest Patch 14.

New Assassin Cannibal and more blueprints

The latest update for Sons of the Forest in Early Access also brings a new enemy to the game. Elise is the name of the new cannibal and in terms of appearance she looks like the original cannibal, although Elise offers a little more and reminds us of a female Wolverine. At first she is shy, likes to observe from a distance and climb trees, but once she gets aggressive, she attacks you with her long claws attached to her hands. Either she charges straight at you and tries to slash you with her claws or she uses one of her attack combos and these are more than impressive and suggest a very athletic gymnast with ninja roots.


There is a new small, ruined hut which, like the new fishing hut from patch 14, has a small basement outcrop for you. In the basement, you will find a new blueprint for making a leg lamp - a perfect match for the meat chair and the meat couch. For the lamp you will need 16 Sticks, 1x Leg, 1x Wire, 1x Light Bulb and 1x Deer Hide. Once you have placed the lamp, you can switch it on and while the lampshade rotates comfortably, it projects the cut-out crosses onto the wall if you have placed it close enough. There are also three new instructions in the book: a weapon stand to display and a weapon rack for the wall. For the weapon stand you need 9x Sticks and 1x Log and for the weapon rack you need 5x Sticks and 1x Log. The weapon rack can hold up to four weapons and the shelf can hold one weapon. The last instruction is a firewood container that can carry up to 12 pieces of firewood. You only need 20 Sticks for the container.

Update for Kelvin and more points of interest

Good old Kelvin, who has not taken him to their heart? He has learned three new commands:

  • Maintain Base: With this command, Kelvin will (probably when the moon and sun are in good position) repair your base when it is damaged, finish constructions you have started and refill containers
  • Sharpen walls: This command lets Kelvin sharpen defense walls that have been set, which also works pretty quickly if Kelvin feels like doing so
  • Repair structures: This is actually self-explanatory, Kelvin will repair all structures that are in the immediate vicinity

With the new Sons of the Forest Patch 15, there are also new points of interest on the map that can be explored and hold exciting things in store.

More new features in Patch 15

  • There is a new style called "Found Footage" in the Sons of the Forest settings. If you activate this style, a filter is placed over the game that looks like you are watching an old video recording. This is especially cool because it is reminiscent of the absolute horror classic Blair Witch Project, in keeping with the forests in Sons of the Forest. Fun fact: There is a specific date in the future at the bottom right and that definitely piqued our interest - do you think it means anything?
  • You can find a new outfit in a small hut in the snowy area. If you put on the outfit, you will become a real priest with a huge cross necklace and matching crosses on your shoes
  • Of course, there are also some cosmetic updates in patch 15, such as new hanging corpses in the forest that are attached to the trees, more details and further reworking of cannibal camps and there are more paths and bridges in the world


As always, you can check out all the Sons of the Forest Patch 15 features here.

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