The Valheim trader Haldor - all information Background

The Valheim trader Haldor - all information

June 8, 2023
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As it should be for a survival game, you can of course also collect resources and items in Valheim. In fact, you will not be able to find all items just like that, and you will surely reach the limits of your inventory at some point - this is where the merchant Haldor comes into action. We will tell you where to find him and what he sells here.

Where to find the Valheim merchant Haldor

You will always find Haldor in the Black Forest. If you are very lucky, the Black Forest may be located directly on your starting island, but generally the biome can be found on a neighboring island. Once you arrive at the Black Forest, you should gradually explore the area, watching for a small bag to appear on the map.

If you are near Haldor and the small bag appears on the map, it will be a marker for Haldor's location. If you have already built portals for fast travel, it is a good idea to take all the resources for another portal to place one near Haldor. Of course, this is useful if you need something quickly and want to buy it, or if you carry items to sell yourself. It is also important that you carry plenty of food and drink with you on what is likely going to be a long journey to Haldor.


What Haldor has to offer

Haldor offers you eight items for purchase and we have a listing with an overview of the costs for you here:

  • 50x Fishing Bait: these fishing baits are essential for you if you want to successfully go fishing in Valheim. Cost: 10 coins - availability: always
  • Fishing rod: this is the piece of equipment that will hopefully provide you with tasty fish. Cost: 350 coins - availability: always
  • Thunderstone: needed to build the Obliterator. Cost: 50 coins - availability: after you defeat the Elder
  • Ymir Flesh: needed urgently to build the Frostner and Iron Sledge. Cost: 120 - availability: also after you defeat the Elder
  • Egg: is useful as a food source and for spawning a chicken. Must be placed near fire or other heat source for 30 minutes for a chicken to hatch - two chickens keep spawning eggs nearby after that. Cost: 1500 coins - availability: after you defeat Yagluth in the Plains Biome
  • Dverger Circlet: this ring provides you with a light source that illuminates your path when you wear it on your head. However, the light causes you to lose any sneak bonus. Cost: 620 coins - availability: always
  • Yule Hat: is a fun cosmetic headgear item. Cost: 100 - availability: always
  • Megingjord: if you wear this belt, you can increase your inventory by up to 150 capacity more weight, however the equipment slot for the belt collides with the Wishbone, so wearing both at the same time is not possible. Fun Fact: the Megingjord is modeled after the "Megingjörð" belt that Thor wears. Cost: 950 coins - availability: always


Hint: you can not only buy the fishing rod from Haldor, since the Frost Cave update you can also find it in the depths of the Frost Caves with a lot of luck and patience. If you need more tips about fishing and cooking in Valheim, you can find our Valheim Fishing and Cooking Guide here.

Earn and find coins for Haldor

Since Haldor accepts nothing but coins as payment, you may now be wondering where you can get or find them. Below is a small list of where you can find them and how you can get coins otherwise:

  • Chests: in some abandoned ruins you will find chests and with a little luck you will also come across coins
  • Looting: burial chambers, sunken crypts, stone graves and Viking graveyards are places where you can also find and collect old coins with a little luck
  • Trolls: in the Black Forest you will meet trolls, from whom you can get the treasures and coins after a successful fight
  • Selling: at Haldor you can not only buy various items, you can also sell them. Amber, amber beads, rubies and silver necklaces are the items that interest Haldor - for a stack of silver necklaces you get 600 coins.


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