V Rising: Servants Conversion Background

V Rising: Servants Conversion

May 3, 2023
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As a powerful vampire in V Rising, it is of course only appropriate to give the idle work to servants who risk body and soul to make their ruler happy. How you can convert servants as underlings in V Rising and everything about their abilities you can learn here in the GPORTAL Guide.

Build a Servant Coffin

Before you start looking for people to convert to your servants, you need to build a Servant Coffin and place it in your castle. If you don't have the recipe for the Servant Coffin yet, you just need to follow the quest line in V Rising. To make a Servant Coffin you will need the following resources:

  • 16x Plank
  • 8x Copper Ingot
  • 1x Greater Blood Essence

Hint: You can receive the recipe for the Greater Blood Essence later in the game from the V Blood boss Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who is Level 46, making him a stronger boss in the game.

Once you have placed the Servant Coffin in your castle, it will now be the place where you can send your first chosen Servant to be awakened. After you craft the coffin, you'll unlock another quest that tasks you with attacking and enchanting your first human with your Dominating Presence.


Enchanting Servants with Dominating Presence

Now it is time to go searching for a human that suits you and that you want to convert into your first servant. When you face the chosen one, you have to fight him until his health drops to 30% or below - now, thanks to your Dominant Presence, apply the "Kiss of the Vampire" to him, hypnotize him with it and he will follow you.

Note that while you are on the way to the castle with your servant, you must protect him from any attacks, as you cannot teleport or transform at that moment. Once you have arrived at your castle, you will have to select the Servant's Coffin and the conversion will start.

After successful conversion, you can give your servant a name and take a look at his stats, which will tell you about his Blood Type, Blood Quality and Faction. Your subordinate servant will now patrol your castle and defend it to the death in case of attacks - so equip him with strong weapons and stable armor or even send him on a quest for resources.


Build a Castle Throne

Besides patrolling your castle, it is obvious that your servant, or later several of them, will be sent in search of resources. For this, however, you must first build a Castle Throne - you will receive the recipe after the first successful conversion of a servant. The following resources are needed for this:

  • 24x Stone Brick
  • 16x Iron Ingot
  • 4x Greater Blood Essence

Once the castle throne is built and you have placed it, you now take a seat on it as the powerful vampire - the map of Vardoran now opens and shows you the areas you have already discovered. You can choose from the areas where you want to send your servant, see what he can find there, how long he will be on the road, how high the danger is that might be waiting there and the chance of success of the tour. You can determine the duration of your servant's expedition - the longer he is on the road, the higher the chance of finding many and high-quality resources, of course. Make sure that you always equip your servant well before sending him on a journey, so that he can last the tour and return with valuable items for you.


Characteristics of your servant

Each servant has two characteristics, the Blood type and the Faction they belong to. Additionally, you can view the Blood Quality of your servants, which tells you how high the level of each faction group's bonuses are. There are five different Blood Types, and all of them cause a reduction in difficulty in certain areas - the Worker Blood Type, for example, reduces the difficulty by 100 when invading villages. The four different Factions, in turn, provide 20% more loot from the region where the servant originally came from.


Patrol paths for servants

You do not want your servant or servants to wander randomly through your castle? Then you should use the servant lock doors - these cannot be opened by servants and therefore ensure that you can "plan" certain paths that your servant should patrol in your castle.

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