Ardem - Technical Alpha Background

Ardem - Technical Alpha

October 28, 2023
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Watch out: Be one of the first when Ardem launches its Technical Alpha and test the game before it goes into Early Access.

What is Ardem?

Ardem is set in a world that has been driven to the edge of extinction after a war against AI. Dangerous AI robots are roaming the land and you are one of the last humans to stand up to the robots.

But before you can take the fight to them, you'll have to survive in nature, build your base, get weapons and vehicles, and prepare thoroughly - either alone or together with other players.

Ardem offers a whole range of sophisticated systems for base building, electricity, as well as vehicles and more, so you can really feel immersed in the world.

And now for the public Technical Alpha, you can be one of the first to try out the game and its content for yourself. More info about the game, info from the developers, and more can be found on the developers' official Discord.

Ardem overview

The following features await you in the game:

  • Engage in PvE, PvP or even RP (roleplay)
  • Up to 64 players per server
  • Impressive open world with seasons and different weather conditions
  • Completely handcrafted game world with hundreds of points of interest (POIs)
  • Innovative base building system with great freedom
  • Hundreds of objects for individual base design
  • Detailed electricity system with different energy sources (fuel, solar, wind)
  • Vehicle system with upgrade options and various attachments
  • And more …

Technical Alpha

Before the game enters the proper Early Access, the developers at Techtive Games are hosting a Technical Alpha and you are invited to join. The playtest will run for 2 weeks and your feedback on the game and gameplay is highly encouraged.

You are a content creator and want to stream the game? No problem, the developers will be happy if you take a closer look at the game together with your community.