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Dark and Light now available at!


After we were all surprised with a very spontaneous release of Dark and Light on July 20th: You can rent your private gameserver at NOW! To fullfill your expectations of your gaming experience gportal only uses the best hardware for Dark and Light, so nothing will hold you back to build huge castles or whole cities!

Dark and Light is a brand already known by some people for few years, because in the year 2006 a game with that name was released. The developers Snail Games have now created a complete new game based on the story and world of that game. In DnL the mother world Gaia is broken and in mercy, but now dark forces from the neighboured Archos are threatening the life on Gaia. At night, dark forces are coming and maybe it's you who is mankinds last hope. Can you manage to survive and succeed in this world? Is it time to write your story, to start a legacy?


Dark and Light is a fantasy survival-sandbox game with a great open world, fantastic beings and mighty dragons. Unlike in some other games of this kind, you can find some features of classic MMORPGs, because Dark and Light has large cities populated by NPCs, a quest system and an extensive character development.


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